This is our favorite time of year around the Children's Safety Center. A time where we
see firsthand the generosity and thoughtfulness of our community. Please read the stories of giving below. We hope they inspire you as much as you've inspired us. Thank you for all you've done for the Center and the children we serve. Together, we are providing hope, help and healing to the children who need it most.
Thank You To All Our Donors
Thank you to local businesses, organizations, churches, families, and friends for helping 126 children have a very Merry Christmas. Because of your generosity, these children will have gifts to open on Christmas Day and warm clothes to wear this winter.

We are grateful for 1st Employment | Arkansas Chapter CM of Springdale 
Altrusa International of Washington County | Alex Baldwin State Farm
Alexandra Hissom-Buell | Amanda Foster & Family | Amy Ramey | Anne Jackson
 Antony Family | Arnold Family | Batesforum | Blackstone Family | Blakey Family
Brad Scott State Farm | Brandi Sharum & Family | Brett Booker & Shelby Barron 
Brittney Duke | CertaPro Painters | Chantry O'Brien | Chuck Roberts  
Crystal Eckhardt & Rachel Thurman | Darryl Andrews State Farm | Debbie Bonner 
Edlin Martinez | Fisher Family | Favorite Chiropractic | G&G Independent Insurance 
Grady & Kailee Mathews | Harrison French & Associates | Jeremy & Jeni McIntyre 
John Scott & Amy Bull | Josh Moody & Erin Rosa | JT Plummer & Rachel Young  
Julia Fleck | Karen Wright | Larissa Kemmet | Mary Droho | Melanie Palmer Mike & Lisa Franco | Mountain Man Supplies & Pawn | Natural State Pest Control
NWA Pediatric Clinic | NWA Raider Nation | Pediatric Dental Associates & Orthodontics Phyllis Weis | Pitts Family | Rance Family | Rebecca & Stephanie Chaney
Regis & Sandi Weiss | Ronnie Brewer Foundation | Saatchi & Saatchi X
Shackelford Family | Shelter Insurance Sam Henley Agency | Sheri & Kendall Koch
Sonia Bates | Stephanie Crabtree Thornton Family | Travis Faught and son Landyn 
Tyson EIM | Tyson Payroll area 3 | Tyson Prepared Foods Operations 
Tyson Transportation Strategy Assets | Vanhook Family | Vawter Family
Walmart Infosec Team | Walmart Marketing Operations | Wheeler Family
C.A.R.E. Initiative Cares

Thank you to the C.A.R.E. Initiative (Children, Awareness, Responsibility, and Encouragement - Saatchi & Saatchi X's Corporate Giving Arm) and the employees of Saatchi & Saatchi X for the substantial grant and Christmas presents for fifteen of our families. We are thankful to have your continued support over the years and your gift ensures that we are able to provide services to alleged child abuse victims in Washington County. 
One Child Gives To Others

One of our CSC friends received their annual appeal letter in the mail and her grandson picked it up. He asked her what it was and where the money goes. She explained that it helps children who have been hurt. Jackson, all on his own, got a dollar he had earned and decided that these children needed it more than he did. Thank you Jackson for being so giving and kind during this holiday season. You warmed our hearts and put many smiles on many faces. 
Give Help and Healing
​​​​​​​We have already served 828 alleged child abuse victims this year.

That is 158 more children seen at this same time last year, a 24% increase.

These children would not have their voice heard if it wasn't for generous donors like you.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
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