Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, March 10, 2016
It's Turn-In Weekend!
Everything you need to know about how to prepare your packet for turn-in is at the end of this email. Singers should arrive 30 minutes early and report to the MYC office (along the back hallway) to present their completed packets. Thank you!
This Weekend With MYC
  • It's MYChoir packet turn-in begins at 3:30PM.
  • Ragazzi reminder: your rehearsal this weekend is from 4:45PM - 7:15PM
  • It's MYChoir packet turn-in begins at 5:00PM.
If you need to report an absence or late arrival, please complete the on-line absence form linked in the header section above. As a safety measure, if your singer is not checked in at rehearsal and we have not heard they will be absent, we will call you to verify the absence. The best way to reach us during rehearsals is via the MYC cell phone: 608-770-7464.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know!
Special Invitation to Capriccio and Britten
We are looking for singers from Capriccio and Britten to participate in a great project with our good friends at Opera for the Young. This amazing organization presents shortened versions of classic operas (sung in English with the stories given a modern "twist").

Opera for the Young sends teaching materials and a tutorial CD to schools prior to their performances each year. We have been asked to record the choruses for the tutorial CD for next season's tour of "The Elixir of Love." We are looking for a group of singers who can commit to two rehearsals and the recording day. Here are the details:

Rehearsals at Westgate Studios (Studio 3)
Wednesdays, April 13 and April 20, 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Recording Date
(Location TBD)
Sunday, April 24, 1:00PM - 2:30PM (tentative)
Please RSVP by Monday, March 28, to Lisa Kjentvet with your singer's name and choir if you are interested and available for both rehearsals and the recording date. We may not have room for every singer that volunteers and will build the roster based on the needs of Opera for the Young. Once you volunteer we assume you have checked the dates and can commit to 100% participation. Lisa will confirm each participant once the list is final--thank you for your patience!
Carmina Burana Volunteer Sign Up
Our April performances of Carmina Burana with the Madison Symphony Orchestra will include all members of Purcell and Britten. Parents of Purcell and Britten singers wishing to chaperone backstage are invited to read through the volunteer information and choose the rehearsal and performance dates that work best for them via the sign up link below.
Discount coupons for $5 off Carmina Burana tickets are now available courtesy of the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Coupons may be picked up from the MYC office or at rehearsals this weekend.
Out of the Shadows: Performing the Jewish Archive
Con Gioia, Cantabile and Ragazzi Performing
Con Gioia, Cantabile, and Ragazzi will be performing on May 5 in the festival's culminating Collage Concert and tickets are now on sale through the Overture Center Box Office. MYC families may purchase tickets for $5 using the purchase code "PJA" during check out.

The Collage Concert | Capitol Theater, Overture Center for the Arts
Thursday, May 5
5:30 - 6:30PM Rehearsal for Con Gioia, Cantabile and Ragazzi
7:30PM Concert
Coffee and Tea Orders
Our final coffee order of the season will be placed on Thursday, April 7, with delivery the following week.

Spring Break Reminder
MYC will not be rehearsing on the following dates:
Sunday, March 20 and 27
Monday, March 21 and 28

The MYC offices will be closed Monday, March 21 through Monday, March 28.
Save the Date!
On Wednesday, June 29, MYC returns to the Duck Pond for our annual evening of fun with the Madison Mallards! Ticket information and a sign up to sing the national anthem will be published when we return from spring break. For now, please save this date so you don't miss out on the fun!
It's Turn-In Weekend!
All singers! Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early to turn in your It's MYChoir packet so you are not late for rehearsal.

Please organize your packet BEFORE you arrive:
1. Record every donation on your tracking form.
2. Make sure you have a completed (green) Donor Record Form for
every donation collected with complete, legibly-written contact information for the donor. This ensures we can properly receipt them!
3. Make sure
your name is also included on each Donor Record Form and on your Tracking Sheet.
4. Please write a check for the total of all cash donations. (Please
do not turn in cash.)
5. ALL checks should be made payable to Madison Youth Choirs or MYC.
6. Stack each check with its corresponding Donor Record Form and clip together (please do not staple) along with your Tracking Sheet. We want to be able to see very quickly that you have a Donor Record Form for each donation so please keep these two items together.

Arrive early--this is important!
1. Please plan to arrive 20-30 minutes before your rehearsal begins.
2. Singers should report directly to the MYC office along the back hallway with packets ready.
3. If any information is missing on the Donor Record Form or Tracking Sheet you will be asked to step out of line to complete your forms. Please have everything ready when you arrive!
4. It's important that singers
turn in their packets in person before rehearsal begins. We love seeing parents and encourage you to accompany younger singers in case information is missing but we want singers to personally turn in their packets.
5. If you turn in a packet with $200 or more in donations this weekend, please be ready to tell us your T-shirt size!
5. We will be ready to start collecting packets as early as
3:30pm on Sunday and 5:00pm on Monday. Please turn in your packets before your rehearsal begins. We will end collection on Sunday at 7pm and on Monday at 7:30pm.

What if I'm absent and I've collected donations?
If you want your donations to count toward individual and ensemble awards, they must be turned in to the MYC office by 7:30pm on Monday. If you know you're going to be absent this weekend, you can turn in your packet today or tomorrow at the MYC office.

What if I got a late start and won't have all my donations collected by this weekend?
Turn in what you have collected and it will count toward your ensemble's total and participation goal. Donations turned in after 7:30pm on Monday will be gratefully accepted but won't count toward individual or ensemble totals. (Can we just say, though, that if you got a late start we applaud--with a standing ovation--your decision to participate. Thank you!)
If you need more Donor Record Forms we have them in the MYC office. You can also print what you need from our website.  
Thank you, AWESOME singers and parents for working together on this campaign. We plan to announce your AMAZING results next week!

Remember: our goal is 100% participation! Just like in rehearsal, every voice matters and your participation is key.

It's MYChoir (IMC) is both a fundraising campaign and an opportunity for members and staff to share with the wider community the importance of music education and the benefits it provides. Because tuition alone covers less than 50% of the total cost of each singer's enrollment, fundraising is a necessary part of MYC membership. We count on families to fully participate and meet their $200 family fundraising goal each year to help cover the tuition gap. Thank you for participating!