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February Newsletter                                
            Number 119 
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Small Group Workout - 2/4

Acting For VO & More - 2/5-19

Narration Simple - 2/6-7

VO Bootcamp - 2/8

Home Recording II - 2/11

Intro: Starting Out - 2/15

Directing Yourself - 2/17-3/10

Stepping Out - 2/22

Creating Characters - 2/22

Making It M.I.N.E. - 2/25-3/18

Bringing Voices To Life - 2/27-3/1

Daytime Conservatory - 3/3-5/5

Building Your Brand - 3/5

Video Game: Atmosphere & Character Development - 3/7

Home Recording I - 3/12

Styles - 3/14-15

Diction & Clarity - 3/16

Small Group Workout  - 3/19

Professional Invitational - 3/19

Intro: Starting Out - 3/21

Advanced Narration - 3/22-29

Scene Study - 3/23-4/27

Basic British - 3/25-4/1

Behind The Scenes - 3/26

That's NOT All Folks - 3/27-28

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Wearing The Director's Hat

Without a doubt, voice actors have more work opportunities today than in the past. This is a huge plus. On the other hand, we have to wear significantly more hats. In addition to performing, we need a basic understanding of technology and acoustics to set-up a home studio, audio engineering capabilities to record and edit our auditions, email them to agents, upload custom demos on pay-to-play sites, and provide quotes for professional job proposals. One of the most difficult new tasks in this record-at-home environment, is interpreting written direction without the benefit of a discerning ear. In other words, we have to self-direct and perform our own quality control.

While bad audio could lose you a job, good quality audio will never win you an audition if your acting and performance choices are weak. The only way to get better is by understanding the capabilities of your instrument, committing to the process, and sheer repetition.

When we audition from home and listen back to our reads
regularly, it stands to reason that we become more efficient at auditioning (and audio editing).  We'll also start to book a higher percentage of jobs. We learn to identify our issues - such as low or fading energy, lack of opinion, mouth noises, character inconsistencies, breathing issues, etc. Only when our problems have been identified can we work to correct them. It begins with understanding the specs, analyzing the script, and making strong choices that move the story forward. Only when we've done all of these things well can we connect with the audience, move the listener to feel something, and take action.

Billie Shepard's 4-week intermediate class, Directing Yourself [Feb. 17-Mar. 10], will help you with this new and persistent challenge of self-direction.  The class will help you build confidence, believability, and trust in yourself. It will significantly improve your ability to understand specs,analyze the script, make strong choices, add visualization to every word, and then deliver a read that puts you in the top tier for booking the job.

Remember, it's not practice makes perfect... it's "perfect" practice makes perfect. Invest in your career. Develop the tools to move your career forward, and you will succeed!

Look Who's Talking
Wonderful to hear from so many students. Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.

* Cooper Carlson signed with Tonry Talent and recorded a training video for a Fortune 500 company.
* Jack Pollard signed a one year contract with the Golden State Warriors to record their radio, tv and web commercials.
* Janice Wright recorded a corporate narration for IDEO and a book trailer for First Frost that’s running on
* Tom Zahner narrated a short film, Schneewallfahrt, in both German and English.
* Sujata Shrivastav booked on-camera and VO gigs for both Wells Fargo and Facebook and an on-camera gig for Onyx Pharmaceuticals.
* Kristy Duncan recorded a job at Voice One for a Fortune 100 company and recorded a narration for IDEO.
* Mike Wong voiced the tag for a Chubb Insurance spot.
* Trish Bell recorded a few spots for an Volvo dealership in Oregon.
* Victoria Shepherd-Fortner narrated a video installation of Living Like Kings for The World Chess Hall of Fame.
* Lisane Drouin recorded for the website of
* Sara Jane Keskula appeared on-camera in a commercial for Plan Grid.
* Meagan Cunningham narrated a video for NYC MOMA called “Cooperative Housing Trusts,” which is part of an exhibit called Uneven Growth. She also voiced a cosmetics video for a product called BellaBambi.
* Hugo Carbajal filmed an internet commercial for Wawanesa Insurance.
* Bella Lisa Teeling recorded a narration for El-Dorado Stone.
* Sarah Kramer received her first VO audition from her new agent and booked it! A PSA for 511 Freeway Assist.
* Owen Baker-Flynn recorded 5 characters for an Android game, Heroes Charge and a narration called The 8th Element Protocol.
* Ed Luhn recorded an internet commercial for Trip Tap.

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