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Karen Nicola
ReStore Blood Drive
Jaime Pericás
'Saintly' behavior
H& G big hit!
RU a HopeBuilder? 

Deconstruction resolution passes
First of its kind

"We should capture another 100 homes per year," Joe Connell said of the new deconstruction resolution passed in February. The resolution stipulates that houses and duplexes built in Portland before 1916  must be completely deconstructed instead of demolished. This ensures that valuable materials are salvaged and made available for reuse. But there's  more to this story...
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'Littles' still part of her life
Karen Nicola

You may not often volunteer Karen Nicola in the ReStore, but she’s there, working hard pricing 'littles'  at the Washington County ReStore four days a week. (Karen has a lot of experience with 'littles' since she taught elementary school for 35 years. )

Some days at The ReStoe can be a challenge. “You pull out a box of I-don’t-know-what-this-is, and hunt for somebody that can tell you what exactly it’s a part of,” Karen says.
And then there's Paris...
THE RESTORE BLOOD DRIVE:  Drop in at our locations in Portland and Vancouver, or schedule an appointment online at Plus, RapidPass allows you to start the process online before hand: Read through materials, answer required questions, then print the pass or show it on your mobile device.

Can't donate blood? Think about making cookies for blood donors, or volunteering.
AmeriCorps' Jaime Pericás
The questioning sort

One thing you need to know about Jaime Pericás is that he is interested in asking questions. Perhaps that’s the norm for a guy with a masters in philosophy...and who also likes to play games.

Meet the newest member of The ReStore's Salvage Service team.

Patrick's Day and no party planned? The Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store will be hosting the Southwest Washington Contractors Association Thirsty Third Thursday, March 17 from 4 pm to 6 pm. Our store will be closing at 3 pm to make ready for the fun!
Baseball team pitches in
'Saintly' behavior!

We'd like to give a big thank you to the Mount Hood Community College Saints baseball team for sharing their Saturday volunteering at all three ReStores.

On February 20, three teams of 10 players each swapped their baseball mitts for work gloves and lent a hand at The ReStore as part of their annual spring community service project. They were a big hit with our staff!

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Spread the word --> THE RESTORE IS HIRING!
At the PDX SPRING HOME & GARDEN SHOW things started off with a live, on-the-spot interview from KXL's "In the Garden" followed by "Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G." That set the pace for amazing interaction with hundreds of folks as they streamed by our booth last Saturday at the Expo Center. Most were intrigued by Mark Haley's birch pergola design with vintage window frames and cheery string lights. His dresser makeover sparked such a stir we're planning a May DIY project at one of our ReStores. More info on that coming soon!
Faster than you may think!
Salvage Service deconstruction

People enlisting deconstruction help from our Salvage Service team are often surprised at how fast and thorough they are. It takes from 3-6 hours to remove a kitchen prior to a remodel or demolition, according to Stan Seals, Salvage Service manager. Stan said they often find lost things behind countertops and cabinets being removed- things like old pictures, an oven mitt...and that missing sock! 
"Never New York lottery tickets, or a bag of money though," Stan said. "But who knows?"
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A bird in the hand is worth...?
Wish you could see things through a child's eyes? Imagine spring with the help of these imaginative 3rd graders. Mark Haley, the ReStore's business relations director, assembled two reclaimed wood panels for the benefit of Mrs. Konig's class-who quickly put paint to pallet to create these whimsical designs. The work of these petite Picassos will go to the highest bidder at the Bridlemile Benefit Night Soirée, Saturday, March 5. It could be you! Get the details at
Are you a hope builder? Consider hosting a table at the Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East 16th annual HopeBuilder breakfast. It's free! Get more information at or call: 503-287-9529. 

  • 50% off 5-gallon buckets of paint
  • 50% off individual cabinets
  • 25% off Grip Rite Fasteners
  • PLUS, March 8, 9, 10  
   50 % off ALL FURNITURE 

Washington County
  • 50% off all lawn furniture
  • 50% off all office furniture
  • PLUS, 25% off all blue-ticketed items!!

Clark County​​
  • 25% off all blue-ticketed items!!

REMINDER: Clark County Habitat Store will close at 3pm Thursday, March 17 for St. Patty's Day Thirsty Third Thursday. Everyone's invited!
All stores open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday  
Donations accepted until 4:30 p.m.