April 21, 2016
Kinder Morgan suspends work
on NED pipeline!

On April 20, 2016, Kinder Morgan granted us an early Earth Day present by announcing that they are suspending further work on the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline.

It's wonderful news that the NED pipeline is indefinitely suspended, and it clearly shows that people power works!

Thank you to the hundreds of people who worked so hard across all states to make this day possible. CELEBRATE!!!

But there's still much more work to be done to keep us on the path to freedom from the threats of pipeline expansion. Let's make sure to use the amazing organization, networking and momentum we've cultivated in the fight against NED to keep these threats at bay:

— We are still facing the continuing battle on the CT Expansion pipeline, and the dangerous state-wide precedent that it could set if Kinder Morgan is successful in getting permission to build on Article 97 protected land
— Communities in the eastern part of the state are still facing the Spectra pipelines and need us all to engage
— There are still DPU challenges facing us that may allow electric companies to charge a tariff to their customers for their contracts with gas pipeline companies
— There is a looming omnibus energy bill that we're watching and will be informing people about that might end up with pro-pipeline and clean-energy limiting language.
— Massachusetts is continuing to struggle in meeting it's own Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) mandates. We'll be keeping you all informed on what to do to help the push for greenhouse gas emissions reductions

— The Constitution pipeline is still hanging by a decision by the Cuomo administration on whether or not they will grant the 401 Water Quality Certificate. This decision is due next week and can kill this pipeline project with a denial of the permit or give it the final green light if the NY DEC decides to grant it.

— So many communities are still facing the same threats we all just faced. The structure of the FERC process remains focused on the interests of the industry, and a bill currently working its way through Congress (S.2012) is pushing to mandate expedited FERC approval of projects in as little as 90 days and LNG projects in just 45 days. Stay tuned as we gather details on this legislation, and please continue to support us in our push in the other direction, to make FERC more accountable to public interests.

The wording that Kinder Morgan used to suspend the NED pipeline also leaves the door open to the project, or some altered version of it coming back if market conditions change. Statements like "indefinitely suspended" are often used as a way of saving face, but combined with others in their statement like "As a result, there are currently neither sufficient volumes, nor a reasonable expectation of securing them, to proceed with the project as it is currently configured", it does leave the option of reviving the project on the table. Until they officially withdraw this proposal from FERC, it's foot remains in the door, keeping the option of revival open if conditions for its profitability emerge.

This suspension of NED is clearly a cause for celebration and a deep sigh of relief, and there are many well-earned celebrations happening, including the fund-raiser for PLAN-NE's continuing work, the Pipeline Boogie, coming up this weekend in Montague! We're just asking that folks stay engaged and use that energy to make sure that other pipelines follow suit, and the conditions for pipelines and other fossil fuel expansions wither on the vine.

We can now keep fighting the rest of the fight with the knowledge that citizen pressure and involvement pays off! ;)

Be happy. Stay watchful. Stay involved!  

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We'll still be here, fighting the CT Expansion pipeline and aiding other communities fighting AIM, Access Northeast, Constitution and others, and keeping an eye out for possible resurrection of NED or another restructured project. We'll also still be working with PLAN-NE, Mass Power Forward and other organizations to help ensure bold steps away from fossil fuel dependency continue and grow!

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