MARCH 2009

Baby, in utero, 7 weeks gestationImplications of Incarnation
What do 'Theotokos', the Incarnation, and an orthodox Christology reveal about the beginnings of human life? To be pro-choice one must have an Adoptionist Christology. 
by Heather Bakker Ghormley
A few months ago I got into a conversation with a Christian midwife about early term abortions.  She surprised me by saying that she supported elective abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.  She explained that she does not believe fetuses possess human souls "until the time of quickening." ...I found her reasoning a bit unsettling and void of any sort of scientific or theological content... But our exchange reminded me how many people, Christians as well as non-Christians, live with a sort of agnosticism in regards to the beginning of human personhood.  Does personhood begin at conception? At quickening? At birth? Some other time? For the Christian, this question comes down to determining at what point God infuses our human bodies with a God-given human soul. Read the full article.

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On March 21, 1979, the organization Presbyterians Pro-Life was formalized after faithful Pro-life Presbyterians began speaking for the voiceless unborn and standing publicly against abortion in the Presbyterian Church (PCUS & UPCUSA).  
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In the PC(USA), in our communities, in the politics of our nation---everywhere we turn these days it seems as though the value of human life and the integrity of marriage and family are taking a beating. It is easy to grow discouraged. We are sometimes tempted to withdraw from the "fight" and relate only to those with whom we find agreement. Instead we ought to be salt & light in the PC(USA) and in our communities and in our nation. We ought to be salted with the flavor of Christ permeating all around us with His goodness. We ought to shine the light of Gospel truth, exposing sin and evil and revealing the path to redemption.
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"The duty of a Theologian, however, is not to tickle the ear, but confirm the conscience, by teaching what is true, certain, and useful."  

Calvin Institutes, Book I, Chapter 14, p. 144

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