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Emotional Intelligence and the Church Professionals
Thursday, October 27
Grace Lutheran Church
3010 52nd Street
Des Moines, IA
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cost: $25 (includes lunch)

Presenter: John Marquart
In this workshop, John will introduce Emotional Intelligence, which is the awareness and management of personal skills (strengths and weaknesses) and interpersonal/relationship skills (strengths and weaknesses). John will show pastors and church professionals how an understanding of emotional intelligence impacts life, relationships and ministry.

In viewing the big pictures, EQ/ leadership behavior and interpersonal skills are twice as important as IQ/job competence in being successful as a leader. Successful leaders have the ability to grow congregations by building trusting relationships with influential leaders, church councils, boards and small groups that coincides with the church’s mission. John Marquart is a teacher, educator, and coach of emotional intelligence.
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Churchwide News
Big Look and Small Catechism
By Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
This article first appeared in Living Lutheran
Several years ago my husband’s bishop tried initiating a diocesewide call to the catechumenate to engage those preparing for confirmation in a period of study and formation. We call it confirmation class or catechism, something generations of Lutherans have gone through. But this was a new experience for the Episcopalians in his diocese. He set about developing a curriculum for prospective confirmands, only to encounter resistance. How do Lutherans get participation in multiyear catechetical instruction? I told him: “Five hundred years of hazing.”

We do have a history of communicating the faith from generation to generation. Martin Luther wrote the Small Catechism after the Saxon Visitation of the late 1520s, which examined the religious practices in the parishes of that part of Central Europe. He discovered a stunning lack of understanding of the basics of the Christian faith among laypeople and pastors. So in the Small Catechism he gives a concise but rich explanation of the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, the commandments, baptism, communion, the Office of the Keys and confession.
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Webcast on Ecumenical and Interreligious Witness with Bishop Eaton 
Join Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 7-8 p.m. CDT for a live webcast that will explore ecumenical and interreligious witness on the eve of the Reformation anniversary.
  • What was the Reformation, and what does it mean for Lutherans and ecumenical partners?
  • What is “Declaration on the Way,” and why is it significant for Lutheran-Catholic relations?
  • What might ecumenical and interreligious relationships look like in the future, and what does this mean for our faith community?
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Upcoming Events
Clergy Taxes and Year-End Financial Responsibilities  
October 20, 2016 from 9: 30am – 12:00pm This event is for Clergy and Congregation Treasurers. Conversation facilitated by Robert Joy, CPA, financial, and tax advisor with 22 years of experience in church and clergy taxes.  Held at the Synod Center for Ministry, Iowa City. This is a free event. 
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Network Event
The Southeastern Iowa Synod Children/Youth Network is made up of adults who have a passion to walk with young people in Christ’s mission for the sake of the world! The purpose of the network is to make connections with people in children/youth ministries, and to share ideas and resources to enhance various ministries in congregations and throughout the synod.  Whether you are full-time, part-time, a rostered leader, staff, or volunteer, you are welcome!

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Southeastern Iowa Synod Center for Ministry
Iowa City
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You're Invited
From Conflict to Communion
On the Way, together...
The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which brought about a division in Christ’s Church between Lutherans and Catholics. For the past 50 years both churches, Catholic and Lutheran, at the very highest levels of authority, have been working on finding and celebrating what we hold in common. They have also sought to find ways to heal the divisions between us. The dialogues have placed our Churches on
a historic journey.

You are invited to a joint Catholic & Lutheran prayer service at
St. Ambrose Cathedral
607 High Street, Des Moines

With guests: Richard E. Pates (Bishop of Des Moines), Michael L. Burk (Bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod), and Kathryn L. Johnson (Director of Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
ELCA Asks for Prayer and Support for Military and Veterans
The most recent Churchwide Assembly voted unanimously to
“. . . ask the Office of the Presiding Bishop to establish a Sunday of prayer and action closest to Veterans Day each year to unite this church in prayer and encourage practical assistance for military members, veterans, ELCA chaplains and their families.” That Sunday is November 13th.
The Centurion Project, named for the faithful Roman centurion of Matthew 8:5-13, established a network  of more than 25 synod representatives committed to encouraging support for military members, veterans, ELCA chaplains, and their families. The Project has numerous resources available for congregations and individuals for military support. Please consider support for past and present members of the military and their families on 
Sunday Nov 13.  

The Southeastern Iowa The Southeastern Iowa Synod Centurion Project representative is Pastor Robert Bowlin. Please contact him for additional resources or to share stories of how you are providing support for military personnel and/or veterans email or call 309-269-2743.
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Food, Faith, Climate: Connecting the Dots.
Join us at Iowa Interfaith Power & Light’s workshop to learn how our food practices contribute to climate change, and how our faith traditions call us to respond with practical solutions. We also look at our own food practices and create a plan for more climate-friendly choices. Sunday, Nov 6, 1pm-2:30pm, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon. Noon lunch optional at Cornell’s award-winning café.
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Unicef Boxes
Want to Help Kids in Need?
Worldwide, many kids need medicine, nutrition, clean water, emergency relief and education. When kids Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, the donations they collect help save lives. Kids also learn about global citizenship and the value of helping others. Learn more
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October 20
Synod Center for Ministry
Iowa City

Emotional Intelligence and the Church Professionals
Thursday, October 27
Grace Lutheran Church
Des Moines, IA
More than 250,000 people died and more than 11 million people have been displaced from their homes during the five-year civil war in Syria. We fervently pray for a peaceful, lasting end to the war, and for the healing and rebuilding of the lives of Syrians and their communities.
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Webcast with Bishop Eaton
Thursday, Oct. 27, from 7-8 p.m. CDT for a live webcast that will explore ecumenical and interreligious witness on the eve of the Reformation anniversary. All are welcome to tune in from your computer or watch later online. 

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