Spring 2016

Welcome to the first DOC newsletter of the Spring season. HUGE thank you to all coaches for volunteering this Spring. Your time and effort is so appreciated by the DSSC community. Please see below some key points and reminders as we begin the season.

DOC Skills Nights 
Skills nights are events hosted by Director of Coaching Charlotte Phillips, and Player Development Officer Jamie Ovens. These events are for teams AND coaches to attend. 1 coach must attend per team. Skills sessions shall be led by Charlotte and Jamie - with coach support. We will also be adding some GK training to these sessions as well. 

To be held at Fessenden Field - 6:00-7:30pm. 
April 15th – 6v6 – open to 2nd-4th grade
April 29th – 8v8 and 11v11 – open to 5th-8th grade
May 13th – 6v6
May 27th – 8v8 and 11v11
June 10th – 6v6. 

To request your space please contact DOC Charlotte Phillips. 
Pre K - 1st Grade Reminders - 

  • Curriculum provided for every session. 
  • ​30 minutes practice. 30 minuets games. 
  • GPS coaches providing coach education at 12:45pm every week. Watch sessions being demonstrated from the curriculum. 
  • FUN FUN FUN!!! Remember the key with this age group is to create a love for the game! 
PreK-1st Grade Program Details
2nd Grade Reminders - 
  • 6v6 including GK's.
  • Size 3 soccer ball. 
  • Curriculum provided. Coach Jamie will be at every practice to support - as per the team schedule. 
2nd Grade Program Details
BAYS Teams 

  • Practice matrix available to view below. Please make sure you stick to assigned practice slot. If you wish to change, please contact Chris Mayer. 
  • Equal playing time for all players - rotate positions - especially U12 and below. 
  • If you would like to request a DOC game report - please contact Charlotte and she will attend your game and provide feedback. 
  • Don't forget to always bring coaches card and 2 rosters to each game. 
BAYS Website D/S Town Section
Practice Matrix
US Soccer Changes to Heading 

As discussed at the coaches meeting, there is a BAN on heading for all U12 and under teams for BAYS - beginning this Spring. 
​U11 and younger should not be heading the ball at all. 
U12 teams can head in practice - maximum of 30 mins per week - no more than 15-20 headers per player. 
If a player DELIBERATELY heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the other team. 
Alternatives to heading the ball - controlling with chest, thigh or feet. Coaches can focus on controlling and trapping the ball from the air using these alternative techniques. Contact DOC if you would like some more ideas/information.
Full statement can be read from Mass Youth Soccer: 
Heading Rules
Coaching Resources 

Curriculum is there to help all coaches and provide ideas. All curriculums are progressive and go through the key fundamentals throughout the 10 week season. 
DSSC Coaching Curriculum
Coach FX 

New animated video sessions for all DS coaches. Additional session plans and ideas shown in video format. Follow below to access. 
Coach FX
Game Day Planning Sheets 
Useful game day planning sheets for 6v6, 8v8 and 11v11 teams. Help keep a record of all your starting line ups and opposition information. A really great resource for keeping track of player playing time and positions.
Coach Education Session 
Free coach education session for all DS Soccer Coaches. This was a postponed session from 4/10 due to snow! 
Sunday May 1st - 4:00-5:15pm at Lower Chickering Field. 
​GPS Cofounder and Director of Coaching; Peter Bradley will be running a coaches on field education session. Highly recommended for all coaches. 

Sign up at link: 
Coach Education Sign up
Buy DS Soccer Spirit Wear 
DSSC Spirit Wear
Dover Sherborn Soccer Club - GPS Coaching Team 
Charlotte Phillips - Director of Coaching 

Jamie Ovens - Player Development Officer - 2nd Grade & BAYS. 
Greg Meehan - Player Development Officer -
PreK-1st Grade