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Upcoming Classes

January 2015

Intro: Starting Out - 1/4

Small Group Workout - 1/6 (Day)

The Long Haul - 1/10

Stepping Out - 1/11 

Creating Characters - 1/11

Home Recording I - 1/14  

Peak Performance - 1/15
By The Book - 1/17-18, 24-25
Copy Intensive - 1/20-2/10

Preparing for a Demo - 1/21-28
Comfort On Camera - 1/22-29

Your Voice As An Instrument - 1/31  

Classes often sell out. Register early! 


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Networking Golden Rules

While once very social and interactive, voice acting has become a home-based business with a lot of solitude.  Some actors will never work in a professional recording studio.  Others may never have talent agency representation.  When a gathering of voice actors occurs, it's a treat to connect and share stories.  It's even better when actors have an opportunity to mingle with directors and producers.  When this occurs, the actor should remember the Networking Golden Rules:

1.  Thou shall not brag or be a talking resume.  They are often referred to as a##holes. 
2.  Thou shall not descend on directors, agents, and producers and talk shop or ask for a job unless they initiate the topic.
3.  Thou shall get to know people in the business as human beings and not as a prey to be trapped and cornered. 
4.  Thou shall remember that people like to work with friends and colleagues whom they trust and enjoy being around. 
5.  Thou shall remember that human qualities that connect one person with another make for a lasting relationship.
6.  Thou shall remember that you are not your job but what you do when you are not recording. 
7.  Thou shall not write about auditions and jobs on social networking sites until the job has aired or permission to print or air the information has been granted.
8.  Thou shall refer colleagues to jobs and they shall repay the favor.
9.  Thou shall not write long emails.  The longer the email, the slower the response.
10. Thou shall always leave a positive impression and follow up in an appropriate manner during business hours.

Follow these Golden Rules and you will build your business and make every experience a good one for all concerned.  It will serve you well in the long run.
Look Who's Talking
* Sara Pachacki wrote, produced, and starred in her very own animated cartoon Poppin’ Polly.
* Tai Ricci recorded a narration on the wines of the Champagne region of France.
* Beau Spinks recorded a commercial for Sony headphones
* Sarah Kramer recorded a PSA for 511 Freeway Assist.
* Noam Smooha recorded another spot for San Francisco travel.
*  Jen Knight voiced spots for Bausch & Lomb and QuantiaMD.
*  Stephanie Pam Roberts recorded an explainer video for Amazon Fresh.
Sunday Drop-in Improv
Alternate Sundays 5:30-7:30pm.
$15 cash at the door.

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