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July 2011

LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Declaration of Independance

By Marie Bowen

Is our American concept of freedom compatible with Christian faith? Does Scripture give us any guidance when these three liberties collide?

Last week I was privileged to hear five candidates who are seeking to become the next President of the United States... Each of the five made the point that 'life' is the first of the liberties proclaimed by America's founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. I liked Herman Cain's take on it best. His words went something like this, only better than my paraphrase: "Pursuit" is the right word to describe our American culture. We pursue happiness, but we have a right to life and liberty. Our forefathers ordered it correctly. Our pursuit of happiness ends when it bumps into someone else's liberty. Their liberty takes precedence. And when our liberty-our "right to choose"-bumps into someone else's right to life, then life takes precedence.

I am convinced that Cain is right. (Read the full article on PPL's blog)

Alamo Area PPL Chapter News

Joan Perro, Alamo Area PPL
Joan Parro, Alamo Area PPL

Joan Parro, member of PPL's newest chapter, smiles beside the chapter's display at a recent presbytery meeting. PPL is seeking volunteers to host displays in each presbytery. For more info. call the PPL office.

PPL presents ideas for church action to NRLC

PPL executive director, Marie Bowen, spoke at a recent workshop of the National Right to Life Convention. The workshop is a popular offering presented annually by members of the National Pro-Life Religious Council. Each year members answer questions on the theme, "We are the Sheep; Where are the Shepherds?" This year Bowen suggested things you can do as a church member if your pastor claims to be too busy to initiate pro-life activity in your church. A handout of her top 10 ideas is available here.

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