Hi Cantabile and Ragazzi singers and families (please share with your singer):
It's been weird not seeing each other on Sunday, right? 

I'm writing to thank you again for a wonderful season. I just listened to the draft of the concert recording and was so moved by your incredible commitment, your attention to detail, your growth this year. Congratulations!

Two quick things as your school year is finishing up:

(1) We'd love for you to join us to sing at the Madison Area Music Awards (MAMA's). This has been in the weekly notes for a couple of weeks but we don't have enough singers yet. It'll be easy and fun! The details:

  • We're looking for a small group of high-school age singers to perform with area band, The Lower 5th on their song "Hope." This performance will require being flexible and available on Sunday, June 17 for early afternoon through the evening (the exact afternoon rehearsal time won't be known for a few weeks.) We'll rehearse with the band sometime in the afternoon and then perform at the evening concert. 
  • It's an exciting event--we've been asked to sing in past years! Those singers available and chosen for this event will also need to learn the song and have a short rehearsal together sometime before June 17, times TBD.

(2) Keep in touch! if you're going to Scotland or returning to MYC next year, I'll see you either very often or early this fall. If you're not returning to MYC, you can still change your mind, but do keep in touch either way. And if you are graduating, for sure keep in touch--email me, "like" our FB page to stay in touch. Let me know how things are going. 

Wishing you all a wonderful almost-June,