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Hello Bravehearts!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for our first official chaperone and staff meeting for Scotland 2018.

We are meeting at 6PM in Meeting Room B at the Sequoya Branch Library.

Sunday, June 3, at Westgate
4:00pm-6:30pm | Required Rehearsal

Thank you for being on time which means arriving 5-7 minutes before rehearsal begins to get settled.

5:00pm-6:00pm | Required Parent/Singer Meeting
This meeting will provide a lot of information to help you prepare for July (packing list, etc.). Please make sure at least one parent is in attendance. Singers will attend this meeting with their parent(s) then proceed to rehearsal (also required).

6:00pm-8:30pm | Required Rehearsal

P.S. Just for chaperones: Don't forget we are meeting (required) on Wednesday, June 6, at Sequoya Branch Library Meeting Room B from 6pm-8:30pm. We'll remind you!

Thank you for paying attention to every email, deadline, and action item!
Action Item All: Wardrobe Fittings With Ian™
Are you a Ragazzi member? Please sign up for a Wardrobe Fitting With Ian™.

Are you a Purcell, Britten, or Holst, member who returned wardrobe with items that no longer fit? Please sign up for a Wardrobe Fitting With Ian™!

All concert wardrobe fittings need to be completed by June 12. We highly recommend choosing a time on Sunday afternoon, June 3, to get this action item off your list as soon as possible. (Thanks.)

Also, please help Ian out and arrive with your measurements recorded on a piece of scratch paper: height, weight, inseam and waist. Thanks!
Action Item: Very Important Tour Documents Due June 8
Packets were distributed at rehearsal on Monday and the documents inside are due back to MYC by Friday, June 8. Please check in with your singer to make sure the packet arrived home!

Thank you for not delaying in getting started on these forms--especially the Consent for Minor Child to Travel form as it requires the notarized signature of both birth (or adoptive) legal parents/guardians. A Notary Public (or 2 or 3) will be available on June 7 at our required parent/singer meeting for your convenience. Please remember that both parents must sign the consent form in the presence of a notary (separate forms may be used).

We will have a bin at the parent meeting on June 7 to collect completed forms for your convenience. (Feel free to wait until June 7 to turn in your packet.)
Action Item All: Tour Wardrobe Items: Order Info Due by June 8
Each tour member--including chaperones and staff--is receiving eight pieces of clothing, branded with our tour logo, as part of their official tour wardrobe (in addition to singers' concert wardrobe):
  • two proper polos
  • five fabulous T-shirts
  • and one (awesome) track jacket

These items are included in your tour price and participants will be asked to wear these pieces on specific days during the tour.

Samples of each piece of the tour wardrobe are available to try on in the MYC office. Please plan to stop by before June 7 to choose your size and style. Important: The production time for these items is tight and will not allow for exchanges: please prioritize trying on each piece and making an informed choice when you record your order.

To summarize: you do NOT need to purchase anything but we DO need to receive from you (chaperones, singers and staff) the completed Required Wardrobe Item form linked below by Friday, June 8 (firm deadline--please don't ask us to guess your size and style!).
Supplemental Tour Wardrobe Items Now Available!
Because we love our Scotland Tour logo, and we know you do, too, we have put together a collection of items for anyone to purchase. Thank you for being patient with the Google Form when recording your order. Payments should be made by check and all orders are due no later than Friday, June 8. You are encouraged to confirm cut and size before ordering. Samples are available in the MYC office and will also be at the meeting on June 7. All sales are final.