Hello dedicated Mahlerites,

Thanks again for your ongoing commitment to this Mount Everest experience for your kids.

How’s it going, you ask? 

The kids could not be better. We work fast, we work really hard, and we laugh a lot, especially when working on our German pronunciation. The kids are doing a good job of not only learning to pronounce a lot of German (and Latin) but learning what the words mean (and finding cognates and other tricks to remember key vocabulary).

This 90 minute piece has basically 10 substantial excerpts that the Children’s Choir sings. The ten is sort of arbitrary—I made it up—but it is a way to keep track of how the piece is organized, and a way for us to celebrate “checking off” our learning. Of the ten sections, we are familiar with 5, can sing 3 or 4 of those pretty well, and haven’t begun the other five.

It’s time to start working at home on their own. 
This link (all files are accessible via Dropbox) features the first recordings for their at-home practice.

Their assignment: review and memorize these excerpts, using the recordings:

1. No. 4 (“Gloria” in Latin)
2. No. 5 (Hände verschlingt euch” in German)

There are two recordings of each, one with Matthew Curtis singing their part only, and one, a professional recording of the excerpt in context. They’ll have to listen to each one a few times to get oriented—they start in different places.

They should come next Tuesday with these memorized. Listening once every day should do the trick. 

I love working with your kids,

P.S. Let Mike know if you're having any trouble with the link by replying to this email. Thanks!