Brooklyn, NY – ART 3 gallery is pleased to present in cooperation with Margarete Roeder Gallery, a two person exhibition MATTER CONJECTURE: KES ZAPKUS STEFAN GRITSCH, curated by Marjorie Welish on view May 11- June 19, 2016 at ART 3 gallery, 109 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn NY. Opening Reception: Friday May 20, 2016, 6-9 PM.
MATTER & CONJECTURE KES ZAPKUS STEFAN GRITSCH, features paintings by Kes Zakpkus in duality with Stefan Gritsch acrylic-pigment-matter blocks.
This exhibition derives its rationale from the title of a major painting by Kes Zapkus. Through its painterly rhetoric Matter & Conjecture, 1990, would persuade us that contending forces fought out their territorial wars throughout the 1950s and beyond to determine which would become the prevailing definition of art. Constructed as an antagonistic duality, Matter & Conjecture is at once a test of such theory and a realization without compromise, for there is no smoothing over genuine difference on principle. The beauty of this work is in its necessary agon: to keep the engagement tantalizing.  Even so, what if matter were not inert, but an expression of the possibilities of construction?
Stefan Gritsch manages to make the most of the least, and, ringing changes on method, to find eloquence even in mere acrylic pigment--matter. Aggregates in blocks or tile panes or kneaded lumps—all are productive of a sculptural practice at once in conversation with ‘Supports / Surfaces’ and the canon of modern abstraction. Intensity is the result: intensity of material reference from a history of art that matters.
So where Zapkus’s surfaces are rich in spatial memory, from aerial views and architectural plans, as if narrated by Cézanne, Gritsch’s surfaces are dense with visual knowledge infusing pigmental stuff, as if from a workshop which Naum Gabo would approve.
Kes Zapkus is an American painter born in Lithuania in 1938. He has exhibited extensively internationally and his work is in prestigious collections in the USA and abroad. Exhibitions include retrospectives at Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, and The Vilnius Museum of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania, coincident with the publication of a catalogue Kestutis Zapkus, with essays by Lucy Lippard, Sandra Skurvida, and Marjorie Welish. Zapkus lives and works in New York.
Stefan Gritsch is a Swiss artist born in Bern, Switzerland in 1951. His work expands from drawing, collages, paintings, wall projects and tables with acrylic pigment matter blocks.  He has had major exhibitions in Switzerland at Museum Bellpark, Krens, and Museum of Art, Lucerne. A retrospective catalogue, Body of Memory, has just been published.  Gritsch lives and works in Lenzburg, Switzerland.


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