A few tidbits to help with wedding planning...
Wedding season is in full swing here at Mountain Meadows. Congratulations to Denise and Joe, Maja and Jordan, Jenny and Kevin, Becca and David, and Anna & Nate!!!! Check out our facebook page for some links to photographers' blogs and albums and check out some recent reviews on WeddingWire

I've put a few announcements in this newsletter as well as a few things that seem to keep coming up (frequently asked questions).  Hope you find something useful... 
Mountain Coaster Anyone? Killington Mountain has made its full transition into summer mode, so feel free to let your guests know that in addition to all the recreation opportunities right on site and disk golf next door, Killington also has the Beast Coaster, Skyeride, Mountain Bike Park, and a few other things in their new Adventure Center.
New beers.  For many years a favorite lighter beer for summer weddings was Blackbeary Wheat from Long Trail - - it was discontinued and we've tried a few other solutions for a "lighter" draft craft beer,  well, it's back! And brewed right down the street!
Rock Art Brewery sends these updates: Consider Bohemian Pilsner!  6% abv 45 ibuA Czech style Bohemian Pilsner - crisp and clean with a nice hop finish.  Also new: Ridge Runner Bold Vermont Ale UNFILTERED 7.2% 27 ibu. Same great beer in an unfiltered version.
How do the bar charges work?
We charge based on consumption.  The bartenders and the bar manager are tallying everything that is served.  

At some point we gave you an estimate of costs for the bar plan you chose ("open bar", "open bar for beer & wine", "open bar for cocktail hour", etc.) That estimate is based on an average of past weddings that have chosen that particular bar plan.  Your crowd may drink more or less.  In the end you are charged for what is consumed.

You can ask the bartenders or the bar manager anytime during the evening where you stand; if you are nearing the estimate the bartenders will let you know (if you like).

So, think of designing a bar plan based on budget or the type of party you want to throw, not on quantity.  Figuring out quantities is our job.
How does tipping at the bar work?
Mountain Meadows Lodge bartenders get an hourly wage plus 15% on bar sales.  This is in your estimate.  You can choose to have a tip jar out to take the sting out of the bar gratuity on your final bill.

When do we tell you the meal counts?
Probably by about six weeks out, you'll have RSVPs returned and at that time you will have an early estimate of the number of guests attending your event and numbers for meals.  Let us know this early number then. We would like another "near-final" number two weeks out. Then a final number a few days before - small changes even right up to the day of the event will not be a big deal at our end. 

  • Give us a close number two weeks out (that's when we work on bar, food orders, and equipment rental)
  • Then give us a near final number one week out (that's when we finalize your equipment rental)           
  • Give us table assignments one week before.  You'll have an opportunity to go over the table arrangements under the tent or in the dining room with Lauren or another staff member the evening before
  • Don't worry about making small changes the night before with Lauren; small changes can be easily accommodated

Do our guests have to choose their entree for the reception dinner?  
No.  Guests will be served family style so everyone will get to have anything and everything!

Can babysitting be arranged?
Yes.  We'll make arrangements with qualified babysitters.  We ask for a minimum of two weeks notice, the times the parents would like the babysitter to be available, and the number and ages of the children. The suggested payment is $12/hr per child, paid in cash, at the time of the service, to the babysitter. 
Help us help you!

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