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Thanks for taking the time to read our first enewsletter! We wanted a new way to stay in touch, notify you of important news and events, and spotlight important work for social justice happening in Central Appalachia. If you have news to share and would like to submit a feature for our enewsletter please contact Mary Eva Martin for more information (maryeva@appalachian
communityfund.org). A special thanks to volunteer Elizabeth Murphy for working with ACF to produce this issue.

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Announcing Executive Director
The Board of Directors of the Appalachian Community Fund is proud to announce their decision to place the leadership and ongoing development of ACF in the hands of Margo Miller. Miller will be stepping into the position of executive director, held by Gaye Evans for 14 years. Miller has served as the development director of ACF for the past three years and as the interim director since Gaye's departure in June of 2011. In her time as development director she raised more than $540,000 to support social justice work in Central Appalachia. Click here to learn more about Margo.

7th Annual Bluegrass and BBQ Please join friends of the Appalachian Community Fund as we celebrate and strengthen work for social justice in Central Appalachia. Get your ticket now for our 7th Annual Bluegrass and BBQ in New York City! The event will take place on Tuesday, October 18th, from 7-9pm at the Sky Lounge (635 West 42nd Street, New York City). BBQ and all the fixings will be served, we'll also enjoy live music, a moonshine tasting, and a raffle. Please click here to purchase a ticket or make a donation.

ACF's 2011-2012 RFP is Now Available If you are working for social change in Central Appalachia you may be eligible to apply for funding from the Appalachian Community Fund. Please check out our website for eligibility criteria and how to apply. Click here for more information. Applications for funding must be received in the office by November 8, 2011.

Celebrating 25 Years of Social Justice in Central Appalachia

In 2012 ACF will be celebrating it's 25th Anniversary. If you are interested in being involved please contact Margo Miller at margo@appalachiancommunityfund.org.

Publications ACF is pleased to offer the highly acclaimed and very easy to use fundraising manual You Can Do It by Vicki Quatmann in both English and Spanish. To order please download an order form and mail it with your payment to ACF. After we receive your payment we will mail your book(s) to you. The English version is $25 plus shipping. The Spanish version is available at a reduced rate of $12 for a limited time (plus shipping).

News from Central Appalachia

Study Finds Birth Defects More Likely Near Mountain Top Removal Sites

The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) has been raising awareness about a study conducted by researchers from Washington State University and West Virginia University (published in the Environmental Research Journal) that found significantly higher rates of birth defects in mountaintop removal areas, compared to non-mining areas, in Appalachia. Over 1.8 million birth records taken between 1996 and 2003 in Central Appalachia were analyzed and showed that birth defect rates were significantly higher for circulatory/respiratory, central nervous system, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and 'other' types of defects in MTR areas. The study also found that the overall rate of birth defects in MTR areas, as compared to non-mining areas, was 13% higher between 1996 and 1999 and 42% higher between 2000 and 2003, suggesting that the negative health effects from MTR-related water and air pollution may be cumulative. To view the article please visit Science Direct.

Safe Chemicals Act of 2011
Concerned citizens and others are rallying behind a bill that would take meaningful steps to protect the American public from toxic chemicals. The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, introduced by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ), would increase chemical safety, inform consumers and the marketplace on chemical hazards and protect vulnerable populations like pregnant women and children. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is a coalition of 280 public health, parent, environmental and community organizations, including the Kentucky Environmental Foundation
Upcoming Events

The Clinch Coalition Monthly Meeting The Clinch Coalition will hold their monthly meeting for October on Monday the 17th at 6:30. The meeting will be held at the Tacoma Community Center, 4408 Stone Mountain Road bewteen Norton and Coeburn in Virginia. Please contact TCC for more information, 276-479-2176.

Public Hearing Scheduled to Examine Increased Tritium Production

The National Nuclear Security Administration has announced a public meeting in Athens, Tennessee to discuss expanding the production of tritium for nuclear weapons at the Watts Bar and Sequoyah reactors in East Tennessee (October 20, 2011 from 6:30-10:00pm). Increasing production of tritium is problematic for multiple reasons, including:
  • Producing tritium in a commercial power reactor violates a long-standing ban on crossing the line between civilian and nuclear power.
  • US policies and practices on nuclear weapons sets a precedent for how other nations handle production of nuclear materials.
  • Current tritium production has resulted in more than 30,000 curies of radioactive tritium being released into the rivers and other watersheds of East Tennessee, much more than was predicted by the NNSA.

Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, expressed great concern about increasing tritium production: "With the likely prospect of additional arms control agreements and budget constraints leading to calls for a reduction in the bloated US strategic reserve (the reserve is the 5,000 or so warheads we keep in the garage in case we ever use up our 1,500 deployed warheads and need more), the need for tritium will continue to decline. Still, these agencies are proposing a 50% increase in production."

Appalachian Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

APIEL brings together activists, attorneys, students, scientists and concerned citizens working for environmental justice throughout Appalachia and surrounding states. The conference features a series of workshops and dialogues led by activists, lawyers and scientists with the goal of exchanging information, sharing skills, and fostering collaboration between the grassroots, the bar, and future lawyers and policy-makers. Workshops address the region's most pressing ecological problems as well as the underlying laws, policies and institutional dynamics that have enabled these issues to occur. The event will be held at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) College of Law on October 20th-23rd, 2011. Click here for more information.

Walk for Justice

Statewide organizing for community eMpowerment (SOCM) will be hosting a Walk for Justice at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville,TN on October 29 from 9am-1pm (CT). For more information email Kathy Nix, kathy@socm.org.

Mountain Justice Fall Summit

The 6th annual Mountain Justice Fall Summit will take place October 28-30 in Rock Creek Hollow, West Virginia. Coal River Mountain Watch and Radical Action to Protect Mountain People's Survival are hosting the summit. This event rallies around destructive mining practices and the corporate control exercised over communities by the coal industry. For more information please call 304-854-0390 or email mjfallsummit11@gmail.com.

Mission Statement
The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) funds and encourages grassroots social change in Central Appalachia. ACF works to build a sustainable base of resources to support community-led organizations seeking to overcome and address issues of race, economic status, gender, sexual identity, and disability. As a community-controlled fund, ACF offers leadership to expand and strengthen the movement for social change through its practices and policies.

Almost 25 Years Working for Social Change
Since its founding in 1987, ACF has awarded over $5 million for community organizing and social justice work to more than 300 grassroots organizations in Central Appalachia. Our motto - Change, Not Charity ™ - reflects our vision to support social change organizing and our conviction that, by networking and partnering with organizations working to address the root causes of social, racial, economic and environmental problems facing Central Appalachians every day, we can create more just, equitable, healthy communities with opportunities for everyone. ACF has had a significant impact in our region. Please visit
success stories and current grantees to find out more.

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