Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, September 3, 2015
Welcome (Back) to MYC!
Our 2015-16 season is about to begin and we wish to welcome our entire roster of singers and their families to what promises to be another unforgettable year of MYC music-making. Thank you for being a part of our special community!

With over 330 singers on the roster we are a BIG and BUSY family with a lot of important details to share every week. With the hope of not overwhelming your inbox, we send one weekly email (just like this one!) every Thursday throughout the season. Please read it! The weekly email is where you will learn about schedule changes, volunteer needs, wardrobe fittings, special performance opportunities, etc. 

To our 60 (wow!) new families we extend a special welcome! We know it can feel overwhelming at the beginning but we promise you will be experts on all things MYC in no time--welcome!

Camp Details
Every new season with Madison Youth Choirs begins with an opening camp day for each ensemble. Singers meet their conductors and fellow ensemble members for an extended time, music is made, and friendships are sparked! Camp sets the tone for the entire semester and begins the positive momentum toward our rehearsal season.

Attendance at camp is required. Your singer's camp date has been set for months and communicated to you when you received your registration forms. Thank you for making it a priority! If you have an immovable, unavoidable conflict, we expect you to communicate that to us via the on-line absence form linked at the top of this email and found on the Members page of our website.

Camp is held on the beautiful campus of Madison Country Day School, 5606 River Road in Waunakee.

Choraliers, Con Gioia, Capriccio, Cantilena, Cantabile and Ragazzi meet next Saturday, September 12.

Purcell, Britten and Holst meet the following Saturday on September 19.

Please check your singer's ensemble calendar for start and end times. Did you notice you can click directly to the calendar at the top of this email? Nifty! We will publish specific drop off times for each ensemble next week.

What should singers bring to camp?
  • 1" black binder for their music
  • water bottle
  • a full stomach and energy! (A small snack will be provided.)

Singers in Cantabile, Ragazzi and Holst should also bring a sack lunch that does not need to be refrigerated.

Everyone should dress comfortably for the day and plan that time will be spent both indoors and outdoors.

Want to Join Us on Camp Day?
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities and encourage parents to consider joining us on camp day! Take a look at the options below then click the Join Us button to volunteer.

Ensemble Chaperone
Depending upon the ensemble this could be a very busy or very low-key day! Chaperones enjoy the sneak peek into our upcoming season and the opportunity to experience how MYC teaches and rehearses. Chaperones arrive a bit early and are prepared to help in any way asked throughout the day. Flexibility, energy and a smile are all that's needed!

Greeters arrive a bit early, smile and direct "traffic."

Set Up and Tear Down
If you attend MCDS or live near Waunakee this might be a convenient way to lend a hand!

Pencil Sharpening
This can be done at your house but you will need to come by the office to pick up supplies.

Interested? Please click below and sign up! Questions? Please email Lynn.
Invitation to New Families
New (and returning!) families are invited to a brief Q&A session on camp day designed to provide an introduction to successfully navigating the myriad details of the MYC experience. We want your year with us to be positive and this session might help get you started off on the right foot! (Returning families are welcome as well.) Plan to stick around for about 45 minutes after dropping off your singer. We'll meet in the registration area. (Don't worry, it will be obvious where to be!)

Con Gioia at Wisconsin Science Festival
Yay! Con Gioia has been invited to perform with Dr. Bassam Shakashiri at the Wisconsin Science Festival on Sunday, October 25. Singers will need to arrive at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery by 2:00pm. The show/demonstration/performance will run from 2:30 to 4:00pm.

More information to follow. For now, please mark your calendars!
Fall Introductory Choir
If you have a younger singer in your family (age 7-10) interested in enrolling in our fall introductory choir program, we encourage you to register as soon as possible as our sessions are starting soon. Classes begin the third week of September and are offered on Sunday afternoon, Tuesday evening or Saturday morning for ten weeks. Registration is open on our website!
We will be providing wardrobe fittings for new and returning singers in Choraliers, Con Gioia, Capriccio, Cantilena and Cantabile who need to be fitted (or refitted) for their concert wardrobe on Sunday, September 20 from 3 - 6:30pm. Singers should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time to be fitted. Please make every effort to take care of this on September 20 as we are very limited in providing individual appointments for fittings during the week.

All singers should return their wardrobe pieces that no longer fit to the MYC office. Please label your pieces with your name so they get checked in properly.

We will be fitting new (and returning, if needed) Purcell, Britten and Holst singers with their MYC polo on Monday, September 21 from 4:45 to 7pm. Please plan to arrive early to rehearsal to receive your polo. If your current polo no longer fits, please return it! Boychoir concert wardrobe fittings (including Ragazzi) will take place in early October.

Would you like to help organize our wardrobe or assist with our fittings? We would love to have your help! Click below to volunteer. Questions? Please email Alyssa.