October 2018
Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church


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Duke Convocation & Pastors' School
October 8-9   Duke Divinity School   1.0 CEUs


What does it mean for Christians to be a neighbor in a culture that is rapidly changing, and in a space where many have little knowledge or interest in religion? Convocation and Pastors’ School will explore how we can practice and communicate Christian faith, spirituality, and hospitality with missional imagination, connecting with the steadfast mission of God. Through lectures, workshops, and discussion, pastors and church leaders will gain insight and energy to build and strengthen Christian community with renewed integrity.


Speakers will include Barbara Brown Taylor, Elaine Heath, Cynthia Hale, David Goatley, and Ian Douglas. 


The Sermon Academy
October 30   Alcoa, TN   0.5 CEUs


This workshop, led by The Revs. Kim Goddard and Rusty Taylor, is a gathering of those who rely on and value words to help people connect to the Living Word. During our time together, we will focus on preaching possibilities for the Advent journey, exploring both lectionary and non-lectionary options for helping people live toward the joy of Christmas. We will talk about the practical aspects of sermon preparation that help real faith connect with real life.



In our quest for lifelong learning, I think that at times we need to pause and reflect. As United Methodists there are a series of questions/statements that were posed to us as we went through the process of becoming ordained. Those questions are found at ¶324.9 in the 2016 Book of Discipline. I would like to propose that, for CEU credit, you revisit those questions. So each month I will post one of the questions in this forum and invite you to reflect and to write a paper answering that month’s question. I am not looking for a dissertation.


I am looking for a paper between 3-6 pages in length (1 inch margins; 12 pt Times New Roman font) I am not looking for a large amount of quotes. Instead, I would like your thoughts/reflections on the question. I am not grading you nor am I keeping the papers on file. I am simply reading them and giving you credit for your thoughtful submission.


Also, since I am seeking reflection, I want to limit this CEU opportunity to those out of seminary/COS for at least 7 years. I believe that it takes time and distance to reflect.  And if you still happen to have your responses to the question from an earlier time, don’t just submit that. I want a fresh approach to the question. If you do still have your original answers, one approach might be to compare and contrast to see if you have changed your view in the intervening years. I would expect you to spend about an hour on this paper, so WLI will give .1 CEU’s for the paper and allow up to five papers per year for a total of .5 CEU’s.


So, with that in mind, here is the question/statement for October 2018:


¶324.9.a “Describe your personal experience of God and the understanding of God you derive from biblical, theological and historical perspectives.”


A Message from Our Director...


One of the things that has struck me now that I am no longer in the local church, is the fact that time flows in a different sort of way. As a local church pastor, there was always that rhythm that built slowly toward Sunday and the letdown that came with Monday, only to slowly pick up steam again. Then in addition to the weekly rhythm, there was the yearly pattern -Advent into Christmas into Epiphany into Lent into Easter…. Year after year the pattern repeats.

There’s something about that cyclical pattern.


Now, the pattern—the rhythm of my life-- centers around the Annual Conference and the lead up to June each year. Meetings and reports. Emails and projects. There is also the daily pattern that is now so much more different than before. Each day is an entity unto itself. Fridays are not spent getting the sermon ready. They are spent doing more of what was done on Thursday and getting ready for what has to be done on Monday. There are meetings and conversations. There are things to read and decisions that have to be made. Sure, I did that in the local church, but, now, things are different. They aren’t bad -they are just different.

In the midst of all this newness, there is one constant. My relationship with Jesus. I still have that. In reality, that might be growing more than when I was in the parish. I intentionally sit down each morning before the day begins and spend time in prayer. I am not as distracted as when I was in the parish.

The rhythm of my life has changed…but then again it is still the same. Day in and day out I simply try to get my work done and to spend time with Jesus whenever I get a chance to do so.

I pray that you will find the pattern of your life and that part of that pattern will involve time for you to grow closer to Jesus. I encourage you to read the Bible and to engage in prayer. I encourage you to serve the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. In the end, I don’t think you will ever regret your decision to do that.

                                                                                                                  - Terry Goodman


Check the Holston online calendar for a full listing of future events.



Substance Abuse Symposium
October 4   Bluefield, VA   0.8 CEUs


Catalyst Conference: Fully Alive
October 4 - 5   Atlanta, GA   1.4 CEUs


Spirituality & the Nones
October 9 - 30   Online Course   1.2 CEUs


Conversations on Race

October 14   Knoxville, TN   0.2 CEUs


An Evening w/Ken Carder

October 16   Farragut, TN   0.15 CEUs


Steal Away: Clergy Women Day Apart

October 23 - 24   Nashville, TN   0.3 CEUs


Future of the Church Summit

October 24 - 26   Lakeland, CO   1.3 CEUs


STRIDE: Creating Pathways to Discipleship

October 25   Atlanta, GA   0.5 CEUs


Brent Strawn Lectures: Ten Commandments Then & Now

October 27-28   Knoxville, TN    0.5 CEUs


Sermon Academy
October 30   Alcoa, TN   0.5 CEUs




In Living Culture:
Creating & Releasing 'Active' Cultures for Effective Transition & Growth in Cross-Cultural Appointments

November 2 - 4   Trophy Club, TX   1.0 CEUs


Evangelism Conference November 3   Athens, TN   0.4 CEUs

Evangelism Conference - November 4   Bristol, TN   0.4 CEUs



November 3   Marietta, GA   0.4 CEUs


Ray Van Der Laan Conference

November 7 - 9   Maryville, TN   0.8 CEUs


Mediation Skills Training

November 12 - 15   Richmond, VA   3.3 CEUs


WFX Conference

November 13-15   Orlando, FL   0.8 CEUs


Small on Purpose: Life in a Significant Church

         by Lewis A. Parks


Small on Purpose: Life in a Significant Church is a joyful and honest look at the kingdom-enriching characteristics of small congregations. Lewis Parks demonstrates how to see and build upon those strengths. His premise is not better/worse. Instead, Parks shows us how life in a small congregation is profoundly significant and the important role these churches play. This book includes clear instructions on how leaders can streamline ministry to maximize the unique and powerful contributions small churches make in their communities. This book is inspiring and practical, a refreshing point of view for the church and church leaders.

“Small on Purpose" re-imagines what it means to be a congregation of ninety, sixty, or thirty by not focusing on size. I especially appreciate Lewis Parks’s attention to why ‘soul care’ is critical for congregations under 150 as a means of discipleship and outreach. Parks sees soul care as a counter-cultural act that creates meaning for many who are seeking family-like relationships. This book challenges all congregations to take seriously the small things they are doing—like soul care—as a compelling way to move into the future.” —F. Douglas Powe Jr., Managing Director for The Institute for Community Engagement, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC; author of New Wine, New Wineskins and Not Safe for Church from Abingdon Press


“In a time when the culture is becoming more and more individualistic, Lew Parks strikes a chord for the great value of the gathered community of faith that is strengthened week by week through their faithfulness to the gospel and to one another. Gather in your small church and read this together. Your life and your community will be enriched.” - Bill McAlilly, Bishop, Nashville Area Episcopal Office, The United Methodist Church


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