December 2015



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Salt Lake Reception

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Salt Lake City, UT

February 26, 2016

6:00 - 9:00 PM


Boise Reception

Stueckle Sky Center
Boise, ID

April 1, 2016
6:00 - 9:00 PM

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Harriman Canal Project

Work Begins on Harriman Canal and Angler Trails Along the Henry's Fork

Numerous anglers and HFF members have called attention to the condition of the trails below the fishermen’s access at the north end of Harriman State Park (HSP). An initial review of the problem led to a comprehensive look at the irrigation infrastructure and management of the resources in the immediate area.

The major issues include maintenance and management of the Harriman Canal for irrigation delivery, fish mortality in the canal during summer and winter, decay of infrastructure, sediment deposition in the river, safety and erosion issues along the angler trail that parallels the upper portion of the canal, and protection of the water rights associated with the canal.


Given that the canal is in visible disrepair, Harriman State Park and the Henry’s Fork Foundation envision a project that repairs Harriman Canal, installs a fish screen at the point of diversion, updates irrigation infrastructure, and minimizes damage to the riverbank trail and the river itself.

  1. Reduce fish mortality
  2. Decrease sediment deposition in the river
  3. Mitigate safety and erosion issues along the angler trail that parallels the upper portion of the canal
  4. Improve the plan for the general operation and management of the canal​

To support the project with a donation click HERE. Projects like the Harriman Canal project do not happen without the support and input of our members! Thanks!

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We have many past successes to be proud of, but to continue the valuable research and to best represent your interests on this most special of rivers takes energy and money. We have the energy and willingness to get this done; we need your support to do so.

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