Question of the Week * August 3, 2016
Dear --FNAME--,

Seminars are on hiatus for the summer.  If you live on the Treasure Coast, we'll see you for our next seminar on September 10, 2016.

August webinars will be announced soon.  Watch our blog, our Facebook and our Question of the Week email for more info.

Support for Windows Vista ends next year - April, 2017.  If you are still using a Windows Vista computer, it's time for a new computer.  Be sure to check with us as we get some awesome deals on desktops, laptops and all-in-ones.

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Question of the Week

Question:  "On Facebook, I saw the pictures of your recent vacation. Under your captions, you displayed things like #vacation and #nyc. Why did you do that?"

Answer:   Above this week's question you will see one of the photos I posted in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram after our vacation. In my description, I wrote "There's no place like Times Square. #vacation, #latergram and #nyc."

The words starting with the # symbol are called "hashtags." The purpose of a hashtag is to allow easier searching on Social Media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the three sites where hashtags get used the most but hashtags exist on other Social Media sites, too.

There are some rules for hashtags: 1) the tag must start with the # symbol; 2) there can me no spaces between words; and, 3) capitalization doesn't matter.
To search using a hashtag, you simply go to the search function in Facebook or Instagram and type in the hashtag. The search results that follow will be posts by anyone else who has used that same hashtag. Conversely, you can also click on a hashtag in a post and that will bring up search results, as well.

To better illustrate how to use hashtags, we've produced two videos. The first uses Facebook and a laptop computer; the second uses Instagram and a mobile phone. 

We hope after you view these two videos, you'll start using hashtags!

To view the videos, please click HERE.