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November, 2013

I am grateful to God for YOU! As I set aside time to give thanks this month both for God's blessings to me personally and to PPL, YOU--our readers, "boots on the ground" pro-life Presbyterians, and our financial supporters--will be among those that I count as blessings in my life.

November is also adoption month and you will love the adoption stories by Andrew Nagel (scroll down) and Charis Johnson (right). Also in this Enews is the final Scriptural theme in our series "Made in God's Image." I urge you to click on the link to Andrew Nagel's sermon, "Orphans no More". It will lead you to gratitude for God's extreme love expressed in his adoption of us as sons and daughters in his family.
God freely offers forgiveness & restoration to the repentant
 from a sermon by The Rev. Dr. Mark D Atkinson


"...If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 

I John 1:9

 Is abortion a sin? Does God forgive abortion?

© karuka -
© karuka -
I remember a Peanuts cartoon where Lucy is looking out a window, watching the rain, and worrying that it might rain enough to flood the whole world. Linus tells her that that will not happen, because of the promise given by God symbolized in the rainbow. Lucy tells Linus, "You've taken a great load off my mind." Linus replies, "Sound theology has a way of doing that."


by The Rev. Andrew Nagel
When we set out on the journey of international adoption, we knew we were in for an adventure and a challenge, but little did we know how complicated it would become.
After 14 months filing paperwork in the US, in October of 2012 my wife and I traveled to St Petersburg Russia, where we spent a week filing more paperwork, getting medical evaluations, and most importantly spending time in an orphanage with Timofei, a four-year old boy with Down Syndrome who we were planning to adopt. 
I'll never forget that week . . .
Baptism of Ellie Yao-Hua Clark
The Clark Family with Pastor Nagel at Ellie's Baptism
From the opening strains of the Schumacher/Ward hymn, "Though I was Born an Orphan," the Nov. 3rd service at Neelsville Presbyterian Church brought awareness of the plight of the orphan in tandem with the amazing truth that God redeems us through Jesus so that we may be adopted into his family as sons and daughters! 

The Sacrament of Communion was celebrated and the Baptism of Ellie Yao-Hua Clark, daughter of Jon and Nina Clark was part of the worship. 

Two years ago, PPL shared the story of the Clark's adoption of older sister Abby (left front) in our February, 2011 newsletter. Rev. Andrew Nagel conducted the baptism and preached from Galatians 3:26-4:7, proclaiming that we are "Orphans No More". His sermon audio is available on the church website
If you would like resources to educate your congregation about the ministry of adoption, please contact PPL. We have bulletin inserts, a booklet that provides a Christian foundation for adoption, a list of adoption resources and more. For more information visit our website or contact the PPL Office.

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In Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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God freely offers forgiveness
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A Snowflake is Born
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Zoe Annabelle with parents Charis & Duffy Johnson
Zoe Annabelle with parents Charis & Duffy Johnson

Zoe Annadelle Johnson was born on November 9, 2012, but her life began 3 years before that. Zoe was one of six embryos created on May 8, 2009 through the use of In-vitro fertilization (IVF). When she was 5 days old she was frozen. God had big plans for these tiny, unique, pre-born "snowflake" babies.


Embryos #1 and #2 were chosen to be transferred to their biological mother. Both embryos implanted and nine months later they were blessed with the births of a son and a daughter. With their family of four completed, their attention quickly shifted to the fate of the four frozen embryos waiting for their chance to be born.


Zoe's biological parents were presented with the standard options for her future as a "extra" embryo: destroy them, donate them to scientific research (which would then destroy them), anonymously donate them to an infertile couple, or find a family to adopt and carry them to term. Reflecting on their belief that life begins at fertilization, they quickly realized that destroying them or donating them to research would terminate the precious life that had been created. The fate of the remaining embryos weighed heavily on their minds and hearts for two years until they connected online with Charis & Duffy Johnson in the fall of 2011.


Read the whole story and view more pictures here.

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