It's that time of year!!
Fall ministries are starting back up and you're planning out the year, or already have it done! Or maybe you're asking what other activities can or should be added? The calendar is ready to print, but wait!!! Have you scheduled in time for yourself? Time for renewal, time for spiritual direction?
If not, take a look at the opportunities below!!
Opportunities For You...
Western Iowa Youth Leader
Get Togethers!
Youth leaders (pastors or lay) from around Western Iowa have been gathering once a month over lunch, for a time of devotion, networking, and sharing. We invite you to join us for our next meeting on September 15th @ 11:30 am at the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Center. We move the location of this meeting around, so if you would like to host one in your area or an evening meeting, please contact Lynn and let her know, or 712.299.2570. Our plan is to meet monthly on the third Thursday of the month. We hope to see many of you there!! 

Cupcakes & Conversations @ Camp

Join us at Lutheran Lakeside for leadership development days packed full of conversation sharing, workshop learning, camp exploring and cupcake eating!! For all leaders in children, youth and family ministry.

Each session is from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm; Only $15 per session/person; includes lunch and materials.

  • September 17th - Wonder about how to "think theologically" with children and youth. Play and learn new games! Enjoy cupcakes and conversation!
  • September 24th - Wonder and discover through prayer. Lean how to develop "camp worship" opportunities. Enjoy cupcakes and conversation!
  • October 8th - Wonder and re-imagine creatively. Explore and rediscover God's creative presence and vision for our lives. Enjoy making camp creations. Enjoy cupcakes and conversation! (also included in the Youth Leader Retreat below!)
  • October 15th - Wonder and discover how to explore creation. Take time, walk around and learn how camp shares God's love of creation. Enjoy cupcakes and conversation!

All are welcome!!
RSVP to Lutheran Lakeside at 712-336-2109
Additional questions email
Western Iowa Youth Leader Retreat
"Wondering Creatively"
For: Youth leaders/pastors from around Western Iowa
When: October 7th - 8th
5:00 pm Friday evening - 3 pm on Saturday (come early or stay later to enjoy the beautiful surroundings at camp)
Where: Lutheran Lakeside Camp, 2491 170th Street, Spirit Lake, IA
Cost: $55/person (minimum 3/room for lodging, bring your own bedding) payable to the Western Iowa Synod
This is a weekend designed just for you! There will be planned activities and programming, and you can join in for as much or as little as you'd like. Three meals will be provided and even some creative snacks!! 

Virtually every one of us is creative as a child, but as we grow older we often lose a sense of that wonder and freedom that comes with creativity. In this session we will re-imagine the concept of creativity, and through hands-on explorations rediscover and reignite God's creative presence and vision for our lives.

Invite other youth leaders to join us!!!
Register Here
Birthing Cross+Gen Ministries Conference
Together – There is a future filled with joy, depth, life and fun awaiting your church when you collide the wisdom of the elder with the wonder of the child in the same sacred space.
Together – A word whose time has come for all ages and stages at of faith formation.
Gather together at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado, October 3-6 with some of the most passionate and gutsy pioneers in Cross+Gen faith formation from across the country. More info here!  FYI: There are 3 others from Western Iowa attending this event! If you are planning on going please email Lynn!
If you are planning to attend and would like to carpool or join in on a vanload, please contact Lynn. A great way to save money and meet some great youth leaders from Iowa!! 
​The Extravaganza is an amazing event.  The Extravaganza (often referred to as the E!) is an annual 4-day conference that draws together anywhere from 500-750 adults who work with youth in congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for the premier renewal, education and networking event of our church.  It is for the professional and the volunteer.  It is for the old and the young.  It is for the urban, the suburban and the rural.  It is for pastors, it is for laypeople.  It is for all who share in the adventure we call youth and family ministry.

Intensive Care Courses: January 19-20, 2017
Main Event:   January 20-23, 2017
The Galt House Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky
Opportunities for your youth...
Middle School Opportunities
If you work with Jr High/middle school youth here are a couple of events/opportunities in which they can take part:

ConFest - 
October 5th - St Paul, Atlantic
October 12th - Estherville, Estherville
$5/person - adults and youth
Online registration is open for the Fall sessions!
Register Here!
Middle School/Jr High
Youth Gathering 
When: Nov. 11th -13th
Where: Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp
For: 6th - 9th grade students
Theme: One Direction
Info & Register Here
2016 UNI Lutheran Student Center 
Middle School Lock-in

I am very excited for the event this year, and the opportunity to share this event with all three Iowa Synods. Our theme this year is going to focus on what it means to love your neighbors both in our local communities and in the world around us. 
A cover letter is included, but I would like to highlight a few important things for people who are new to the event:
  • For every 7 students we ask 1 chaperone to stay overnight with the group
  • We ask that congregations not copy the release of liability form onto the back of the registration form as I submit the release forms to the University
  • Registration deadline is September 30th
  • We ask congregations to submit 1 check with their registration materials rather than individual checks for each student
Thanks for considering this event! Jon Fry

Poster                   Congregational Registration Form               Individual Registration Form
...and sometimes they even get to dress up!!
The Western Iowa Synod Lutheran Youth Organization is in need of more members. Many youth have graduated in the past two years so more are needed to fill these spots. If you and/or one or two of your youth (preferably 9th or 10th grade) would like to serve on this team please contact Heidi Church at or fill out the application form and send to Heidi at the above email address or mail address on the form.
LYO Application Form
Houston, Do We Have a Problem?
​There will be no problem at all if you start planning NOW!!! It's never too early; some youth groups are already fundraising for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas!!!

Attending an ELCA Youth Gathering is an experience your youth will never forget!!! It is well worth the investment of time and money!! 
We have youth and adults that are willing to come and talk to your congregation about their experience at the gathering and why you should consider sending some youth or how you can make it possible for youth from another congregation to attend!! Give Lynn a call or email her if you'd like someone to come and speak!! 
Rubber Chickens & Youth Ministry? Why not?
I walked into the youth room where I usually find students playing basketball or ultimate frisbee and found something a little different.
If you just looked at the motions the boys were going through, it resembled Ultimate Frisbee. However, more here!!
Blessings in Your Ministry!

Lynn Egesdal
Faith Formation Coordinator
Western Iowa Synod
712.732.4968, 318 E Fifth St, Storm Lake, IA 50588