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Monday May 25th
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Synod Assembly
May 29-30, 2015
Remember in Prayer
Thousands of youth and adults are preparing for the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit. We pray that they find insight and direction in our common identity in the crucified and risen Christ.​
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A note from Bishop Michael Burk
I am looking forward to our upcoming assembly. And after that…very soon after that...I will begin my first ever sabbatical. I’m looking forward to that as well.

While many think about sabbaticals as a time for “rest," I think it is better considered a time “away.” Away from the regular responsibilities associated with a person’s day-to-day vocation. Away for the purpose of personal growth, renewal, even work that will be a benefit at the time of coming back. If done well, “rest” will be a welcome by-product. If done faithfully, my ministry will be strengthened. 

I am grateful to the Southeastern Iowa Synod Council for approving this opportunity, which begins June 3, 2015 and concludes very early in September. I already am indebted to my good colleagues in the Office of the Bishop who will be taking on some added duties during my absence. As always, when you contact our office, the folks who answer the telephone will connect you with the person best suited to address your need or answer your question. If your contact would  otherwise need my attention, Pastor Eric Carlson (during June and August) and Pastor Paul Ostrem (during July) are well positioned to assist you.

To be sure, the gift of a sabbatical is a privilege. As I take this time away to read, think and write about leadership in Christ's church, I will continue to pray for the people of this synod with thanksgiving, trusting that whether I am present or “away,” Christ is with us by the power of God’s own Spirit. 

Bishop Michael Burk
2015 Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly
In The Name of Jesus

We are used to praying “in the name of Jesus.” But what does it mean to live and serve “in the name of Jesus?” Join us for the 2015 Assembly of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, as we worship, sing, share stories of our faith, and act… In the Name of Jesus.

Friday, May 29-Saturday, May 30, 2015
Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines

Registration is open online until May 20. Learn more at

For those participating in Synod Assembly: 

Pre-Assembly Materials: Materials are available online for download as a PDF document from the Synod Assembly webpage here 

Nominations: Please note, because the Nominations Committee report occurs very early in the assembly, if you plan to nominate someone for a position from “the floor,” you must have that person’s consent and biographical information prior to the beginning of the first plenary session. You can fill this form out and submit it electronically here until 11:55PM on Thursday May 28 after that time people will need to have a hard copy of the form completed. Biographical information for people already nominated for all elective positions at this assembly are available for your review on our website, click here to download them​​

Childcare: The last day to sign up for childcare is May 20th. If you do not sign up we cannot provide childcare during Assembly. Childcare fee is $10 per day/per child.  Click here to sign-up online  for childcare.

Global Service Questionnaire: The Global Mission Unit is developing a recruitment strategy for members of the ELCA, especially members of ethnically diverse populations and those whose first language is other than English. Please click on the link below for a short questionnaire. Thank you for your time! Take the survey online

Going Paperless? If you selected the option at registration to go paperless. Thank you. We'll be using the app Guidebook during Synod Assembly. You will be receiving a direct email with more specific instructions on how to download your participant resources and use the app in the days before assembly. For questions email Val Harlynn

Churchwide News
79 ELCA young adults called to serve
Seventy-nine young adults have accepted the call to serve with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Young Adults in Global Mission program, an international mission opportunity for 21- to 29-year-olds. In August these young adults will embark on a year of service with ELCA companion churches and organizations around the world.
     But qualifying for the program requires more than simply filling out an application and answering questions. To determine where and how they might serve, young adults participate in a focused and contemplative process known as the “Discernment-Interview-Placement” event, called DIP.
     “In my experience, there are very few spaces in our lives that we set aside specifically for the purpose of listening,” said the Rev. Heidi Torgerson-Martinez, program director for ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission. “And that, at the core, is what the Young Adults in Global Mission Discernment-Interview-Placement event is about. It’s a space for young adults to come alongside one another and listen for what God might be calling them to be about in the coming year.” Read more
Synod Events
Save the Date!
The annual Southeastern Iowa Synod Fall Theological Conference will be held September 27-29, 2015, at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Ames.  The speakers for this year’s event will be Rozella White, Program Director for Young Adult Ministries for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; and Jeremy Myers, Associate Professor in Youth and Family Ministry at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The theme will be “Being Public in the Name of Jesus.” Here is what they say about their presentations: “Christendom is waning and that might be a good thing! The love of Christ frees us to serve our neighbors and neighborhoods. But our neighbors aren’t coming to church all that much anymore. So the locus of work might need to shift from the sanctuary to the public square. Together we will explore ways to make this move into the public square as congregations and as leaders.”

Registration information will be available in July.  Plan now to attend!
Upcoming administration workshops
Administration and finance are important to the health of your congregation. Having a firm grasp on your congregation’s finances will have a positive impact on your local ministry; as well as the ministries that we do together as the ELCA. And understanding your congregation’s tax and reporting responsibilities will ensure that you remain in good standing as a non-profit corporation.   ​

The Southeastern Iowa Synod is offering four workshops to help with administration and finance in your congregation. These workshops are provided at no cost to congregations of the Southeastern Iowa Synod.  Pre-registration is encouraged. See the full list of dates and times.  ​

For questions, or to register contact Kathy Smith, Associate for Administration,, 319-338-1273.
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