Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, June 3, 2020
MYC is grieving and standing in solidarity with our Black students, their families, and the entire community over the senseless brutality that stole George Floyd’s life and the myriad other precious lives before him. As individuals, and as an organization whose mission is centered upon community, it is clear that we have much more to understand and we are committing to being better listeners and more effective allies in the dismantling of unjust and racist systems. 

We have a lot of work to do in matching our actions with our words. We will strive to do more, to do better, and to actively work for justice. 

We’ll start by being there this Friday, listening and learning from our community’s Black leaders. Join us if you are able: Real Talk Virtual Summit on Racial Justice hosted by Madison365 and Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

We recognize the need for space this week to be in this moment together without "business as usual" distractions. To that end, all communications related to next season, including sending invitations to singers, have been postponed to next week. Thank you for understanding.