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September 28, 2010

Corben ultrasound & at birthGetting to know you: Personality & Pro-Life
by Kirstin Olson

How often have you seen a pregnant woman stretch, rub her ribs, and say "She must be practicing her soccer kick?" And mothers and fathers delight in seeing how the routines they've become familiar with before they could hold their child continue once Baby arrives. The hiccups still come at 8:00 p.m. like clockwork. The thumb finds its way to the mouth, just like in the sonogram picture. ...How often have you heard a mother say "That's just his personality; he's been that way since before he was born?" ...Here's the thing. The only thing in the world that has a personality is...a person. Read more.
Lost and Found: An Integration Story
by Milton Tyree
He was lost. Or so his parents believed. Searching anxiously, they ultimately found him exchanging spiritual truths. No. I'm not recounting the story about Mary and Joseph's search in Jerusalem for 12-year-old Jesus...
Mine is a different story... This time, the one believed to be lost was a young man with Down syndrome. It just so happened that he'd been one of the ushers assigned to the morning worship service. Additionally, it just so happened that two people who had not been to church in a while had come to worship that day with recent news that their newly born grandchild had Down syndrome. Questions cluttered their minds: Why? What does this mean? Will our grandchild be able to learn and go to school? ...? Will he have friends? When he grows up, will he be able to have a job? What kind of life will he have?
Reclaim Biblical Teaching Banner
Campaign provides leadership, prayer, & resources for presbytery voting.
Now is the time to prepare for the amendment votes coming soon to your presbytery. There are several amendments to the Book of Order, including another attempt to replace G-6.0106b. Presbyteries have repeatedly voted to retain the requirement for ordained leaders to live in fidelity in marriage between one man and one woman, or chastity in singleness.
Another amendment seeks to replace the entire G section of the Book of Order, while another seeks to add the Confession of Belhar to the Book of Confessions. It has never been more important for you to be informed and involved in rallying the votes in your presbytery. Reclaim the Biblical Teaching Campaign is a plan to provide leadership, daily prayer, and resources for you and others in your presbytery. Please visit the website, make use of the resources there to inform yourself and others, and lend your energy and gifts to reclaiming Biblical teaching in the PC(USA).
Denomination News
What will the PCUSA Office of Public Witness have to say about a bill coming to the Senate called the International Violence Against Women Act? Two actions were taken by the 219th GA that have relevance to this legislation. Both actions were overtures brought to the assembly by pro-life churches. One overture spoke against violence to pregnant women and the other against forced or coerced abortions. Both overtures were altered by the General Assembly to include language reflecting the denominations current policy on abortion. The exact language approved by the GA is available at here and here. One of the GA actions "affirms females' right and capacity to make responsible decisions regarding their sexual lives, including the right to ...end a pregnancy". The other speaks out against "the injustice of any forced or coerced abortions and the injustice of any forced or coerced decisions to carry a pregnancy to term." PPL recently attended a webinar of the Office of Public Witness and will continue to monitor communications from the Office of Public Witness. The new director of the office, Rev. J. Herbert Nelson II, said in the webinar that women's issues would be a focus of the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in March 2011.
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International Violence Against Women Act Prompts Abortion Promotion Concerns by Steven Ertelt Editor, September 27, 2010.
Ecumenical Advocacy Days in March 2011 will focus on women's issues: violence, poverty, and other social evils disproportionately affect women, keeping them from attaining their full potential..."
New Director of Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations appointedThe Rev. Mark Koenig has been appointed as the new Director of Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. Koenig has been on staff with the Peacemaking Program since 2002. He will assume his new post early in October.
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RU486 has caused more than 850,000 abortions and medical complications for 1100 women. For 8 women, use of the drug resulted in death. Now Ella has joined RU486 on the market as another drug rushed through without thorough FDA testing because of enormous pressure from the abortion lobby and Planned Parenthood. Read more.

Take part in a webinar on how to provide support to parents of pre-born babies diagnosed with disabilities. The webinar, sponsored by the National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD), will be held in front of a live audience at The Catholic University of America.

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Sign a UN Youth Goal Statement that does not include reproductive rights language. (Not a youth? Sign the statement of support at the same website.)
In the last few weeks, I have been privileged to talk with a number of PPL's Partners for Life churches. It is so encouraging to hear of the many ways that individuals and churches are quietly affirming life, making their pro-life stand visible, and supporting adoption and pregnancy center ministries. In my next newsletter I'll be sharing some of those ideas. If yours is not already a Partners for Life church, I hope you will be inspired to join us in affirming life with steadfastness and grace.
Yours in Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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