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(Parents, please pass this email on to your singers. Forward it, print it out, tape it to their bedroom doors, etc. Thanks!)

Hi, Awesome MYC singers--

Thanks for your hard work during our May/June rehearsals. We're really looking forward to getting back together in July--our rehearsals will be exciting and intense. You'll get to know the music you have (and some you don't) better than you ever have!

As you are practicing (and you are, aren't you? It's VERY important), here are some things to remember:

1. The more you practice, the more you'll help us succeed. That being said, NO ONE needs to practice multiple hours each day. But don't wait until 2 days before rehearsal to practice--that's too late. Spend some time each week between now and July. 

2. Some people have changed voice parts for a few songs. Please look carefully at the detailed practice information below. For each song where people have changed voice parts (or where we just want to clarify who is singing which part), we've noted that. WRITE YOUR VOICE PART ON YOUR MUSIC SO YOU DON'T FORGET!

3. Something confusing? Seems like you've been assigned the wrong voice part? Having trouble? Email us--the sooner the better, of course.

4. All of this information (except voice parts) AND recordings/links are on the rehearsal website. Use it, please. www.madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen

5. Be ready to be flexible. We are trying to be as detailed as possible in communicating what to practice and what part(s) you are singing. It's possible we might ask you to make a slight change in July. Be ready to make that change. 

6. Did we make a mistake? Left you off a list? Spelled your name wrong? I promise it wasn't on purpose--but don't hesitate to email me back and let me know. :)

Here we go:
CUNCTI SIMUS: EVERYONE should memorize the choruses to this piece. If you are interested in a solo verse, go ahead and learn it. We won't know the exact form of the piece until July rehearsals, but plan to come with it memorized. Learn the voice part you indicated on your sheet, but It does NOT matter, really, if you learned a particular voice part and then we change it on you in July, since the only measure that has parts is the very final ending. Be ready to be flexible.

DA PACEM DOMINE:  EVERYONE already has this memorized, right? That includes the special ending measures. Some of you might end up singing a different part in the summer than you did in our initial rehearsals. This only means learning one new measure (the ending). Look over the ending so you could easily sing any one of the 4 parts. 

SOUND THE TRUMPET: EVERYONE should memorize this. A lot of you already know it. Focus on memory so we can refine this piece together in July. The following people are being asked to learn different voice parts than they indicated on their sheet(s):
    Emma Everitt: Alto
    Lauren Hutter: Alto
    Breanna McClarey: Alto
    Ellie Taylor: Soprano
    Suzy Vanderbloemen: Alto
    Anjali Gomez-Kalindindi: Alto
    Lauryn Kluetzman: Alto

THE GODS HAVE HEARD MY VOWS (Cantabile only): This is only for Cantabile singers. Cantabile: Review this, please. Also KAVAL SVIRI, BACHURI LE'AN TISA. 

AN DIE MUSIK: EVERYONE should work on the German and memorize this piece. There's a recording of Mike speaking the German text on the website. 

PALOMITA: Another great opportunity to come to July rehearsals with this memorized. The only thing that matters in terms of parts is knowing if you sing the descant (S1) part. Otherwise you can be flexible (in the 3 part canon, for example). Here are the people singing the descant (some are a change): Nora Cahill. Ellie Erb, Molly Grindle, Eliza McPike, Grace Welton, Emily Eliasson, Emma Auby, Sarah Bennett, Genna Bertalot, Phoebe Cahill, Lucy Doherty, Hannah Grindle, Clio Maya-Johnson, Palma Maya-Johnson, Raia Ottenheimer, Ellie Overkamp

MIK'MAQ HONOUR SONG: Things to work on before camp: (1) Animal sounds if you're planning to audition for them, (2) EVERYONE should review and memorize the opening chant. Don't worry about which part you've sung in the past. If you know the chant, you'll be good to go. We'll work on everything else together in July.

NISKA BANJA: Memory, memory, memory. Easy, right? And learn the duets if you're interested in auditioning. Now, let's clarify some voice parts, OK? On the 1st page, the top line is the ALTO part (A1 or A2); the bottom line is the SOPRANO part (S1 or S2). On the 2nd page, the parts are marked: From the top down, in order, they are S2, A1, A2, S1.
    S1: Nora C, Ellie E, Molly G, Eliza, Grace W, Caitlin F, Elyse H, Emma A, Sarah B, Genna B, Phoebe C, Hannah G, Clio, Raia
    S2: Jena B, Elizabeth E, Kailey, Grace L, Stella, Kaela, Lydia, Ellie T, Hannah W, Sophie B, Kristin B, Leah C, Vicky H, Cassidy, Megan L, Ellie O, Aimee K
    A1: Kendra, Lauren H, Isabel O, Suzy V, Hallie, Natalie DD, Taylor E, Sawyer, Rose, Anajali, Kayley, Lauryn K, Maddie R, Iza, Arianna S, 
    A2: Cat, Emma E, Morgan, Greta L, Gwendolyn, Breanna, Sydney, Chloe, Julia, Melia, Emily E, Annika, Lilly E, Emily F, Grace H, Palma, Anya R, Natalie R, Renae R, Sophie T, Maria, 

SONGBIRD: There's a recording on the website to help you learn parts. You'll want to come to camp with your part well-learned--concentrate on learning it accurately and we'll have plenty of time to memorize it at camp.
Voice part assignments are here. We moved a few people from your regular parts to balance out, so look carefully, but ask us if you are not sure we are right, please. 
    S1: Nora, Ellie E, Molly, Eliza, Lydia, Grace W, Hannah W, Emily E, Caitlin F, Vicky, Elyse, Emma A, Sarah B, Genna, Phoebe, Lucy
    S2: Jena, Elizabeth E, Emma E, Morgan, Kailey, Grace L, Stella, Kaela, Ellie T, Sophie, Kristin, Leah, Natalie DD, Emily F, Anjali, Hannah G, Lauryn K, Cassidy, Megan L, Clio, Raia, Ellie O, Aimee K, 
    A: Cat, Kendra, Lauren H, Greta, Gwendolyn, Breanna, Sydney, Chloe, Isabel O, Suzy V, Julia, Melia, Hallie, Taylor, Sawyer, Rose, Annika, Lily E, Kayley, Grace H, Palma, Anya, Natalie R, Renae, Maddie R, Iza, Arianna, Sophie T, Maria, 

WE ARE: Lots of things to do on your own: (1) Learn the main melody ("For each child that's born"), called the "LEAD" part. (2) Check out the other parts and see what might fit best for you. (3) See what you remember about the sign language--we'll review together in July. 
RIAWANNA: We'll learn most of it together. Make sure you've memorized block "A", though. 

WHEN I SET OUT FOR LYONESSE:  There's a recording of voice parts on the website. Come to July rehearsals with your part well-learned. We can work on memory together in July. Everyone should sing the SAME VOICE PARTS AS SONGBIRD for this song. 

SYLVIE: First, be ready to be flexible, both in the form of the song, and what voice part you end up singing (they are easy, right?). Spend your time working on the body percussion. Everyone needs to be able to do this (Mike is gonna try to learn it also!). There's a great video on the rehearsal website to help with reviewing the body percussion. 

ACROSS THE WATER: Yay! You already have it memorized. Review it so you don't forget it and we can spend our time refining, not re-learning.

ONE VOICE: An easy thing to work on and memorize as you can. Cantabile singers: Watch out---please make sure you're using the new edition, since we've changed some rhythms so they more accurately match what's on the recording.

TAKE TIME IN LIFE: We'll teach this to you at camp, but check it out (recording on website) to get familiar.

What will we learn together in July besides what's noted above? ALL of the anthems, at least two completely new pieces, and so much refining and growing on every other piece of music (I'll at least put recordings of these on the website so you can listen to them). We don't have enough time to get everything done unless you work between now and July. 

Phew! That's it!

:)Marcy, Lisa, & Mike