Hello, Ragazzi singers and families!

Our first rehearsal is this Sunday, August 28. I can't wait!

This season we will welcome the largest Ragazzi of all time: 48 singers! I'm so excited that you will be part of this incredible ensemble and our upcoming season.

For our Sunday, August 28 rehearsal, I'd like to do things a little differently. With so many singers, I'd like to re-hear a few (some new, some returning) in small groups to find the best voice part for them, at least to start our season. To that end, here's our schedule for our first evening together:

4:30-4:45pm Voice placements (Sam A, Michael E, Liam F, Marcus G, Jacob L, Will M)
4:45-6:15pm Rehearsal (full group)
6:15-6:30pm Voice placements (Eric R-B, Spencer R, Leo R, Al SG, Drew S, Henry Z)

I'll hear other singers as needed during upcoming rehearsals.

Thanks--can't wait to see you this coming Sunday!