Cantabile and Ragazzi 
Important Reminders
Hi Cantabile & Ragazzi Singers and Families!
Hope you had a refreshing couple of weeks off. Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday and hearing the results of your practice on-your-own time...

Remember: I need to know if you cannot be with us on the spring outreach tours on April 26. So far I've only heard from one singer (which is great), but I'm thinking there might be a few more singers with conflicts.

And a reminder to seniors that I need your info for the program ASAP. 

I've left the rest of the information below as a reference. 

See you Sunday!

Our final rehearsals and concerts
•Sunday, April 23 5-7:30 Ragazzi; 6:30-9:00 Cantabile

•Wednesday, April 26 Spring outreach tours (school day). Important: We need all Cantabile and Ragazzi singers with us on this tour. If you have a school commitment (final exam, for example) that cannot be missed, please let Mike know ASAP. Last-minute absences cause a huge disruption for the entire ensemble.

•Sunday, April 30 5-7:30 Ragazzi; 6:30-9:00 Cantabile

•Sunday, May 7 Rehearsals at First Congregational 5:30-7:30 Ragazzi; 7-9 Cantabile

•Sunday, May 14 Concerts at First Congregational: 4pm, 7pm Ragazzi; 1:30pm, 7pm Cantabile

•Saturday, June 3 Concert at Holy Wisdom Monastery: 5:30pm rehearsal; 7pm concert

Our senior class
We'd like to honor you in our spring concert program. Please send me your name, plans for next year (if you know them--don't stress!), and a favorite MYC memory before our next rehearsal. I've only gotten a couple of these, so send the info on ASAP, please.