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 vol. 7 issue 2
United Credit Service,Inc. Winner Three Years in a Row
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Communications Outreach: With UCS it is not a One-Way Street

Connections Through Communication and more Communication

UCS: All Around Town

I've worked with United Credit Service, Inc. for over 25 years and have found their staff to be very professional and knowledgeable.  UCS has provided our patients and our staff with outstanding customer service while also providing excellent collection results."

    Director of Patient Financial Services, Large Midwestern Hospital

Hi Ruth,
I just received an awesome compliment from a consumer you were on the phone with. She said you were such a pleasant and nice person to deal with.  she said you really listened to her and her situation and were willing to work with her.  She has been sent to collections a few times in her 70+ years and she have never dealt with someone as nice as you.
Awesome job!!


I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to one of your associates--Krys for going above and beyond helping the customer.  I greatly appreciate everything that Krys has done for me to eliminate my debt in a timely manner.

       a consumer

You have been great to work with on this unfortunate issue. Thank you so much for your kindness.  Please apply this check to reference # XX-XXXXXXXXX.

Thanks so much,
           a consumer


There is a popular belief that ‘communication’ is the most important thing in a successful relationship. I totally get why it’s often touted as number one: without it no one could effectively work with anyone else on anything!

Communication is extremely important, but it’s not the be-all end-all thing of great relationships. There is also forming ‘connections’. You know, that feeling that the other person or business ‘gets it’, the understanding that you both are on the same page, the same team. It’s a wonderful sensation—to feel someone really ‘gets it’—no matter what that ‘it’ may be.

Forming connections is really what life is all about, isn’t it? It’s as true in our professional lives as it is in our personal. We want to hang out with friends that get us and do business with others that truly understand and appreciate what we are trying to accomplish.

We write our quarterly newsletter and post weekly blogs to share information. We also engage in social media and the like to let others know who we are and what we stand for in order to form connections with like-minded people and businesses.

Oftentimes during discussions with perspective clients I hear ‘lack of communication’ as a frequent complaint regarding current vendors. It makes me wonder about what kind of connection they have with that vendor. If he or she is talking to me, it has obviously affected their relationship to some degree.

The definition of relationship is ‘the way two (or more) people are connected’. And when a strong connection is formed between two entities (or people) and you feel united in your relationship communication should flow easily. If you aren’t communicating and don’t have that connection what do you have? The two: communication and connection are intrinsically intertwined aren’t they?

Strong lasting connections are not easy to come by. That’s why it’s so important to nurture these connections with communication, respect, honesty and reliability; the cornerstones of great working relationships.

We understand this at United Credit Service and work hard on making new, as well as lasting connections with our clients, patients, consumers and each other. I believe this is a big part of why we’ve been successful at what we do for so long— almost 70 years.

In this newsletter we will discuss all the many ways we ‘communicate and connect’.

If you are a client, thank you for your business and your continued trust. We appreciate it and hope to never let you down. If you are a perspective client we’d love the opportunity to connect with you and earn your business.

Best regards,


Communications Outreach: With UCS it is not a One-Way Street!


We have received many compliments from our clients about how easy it is to reach our representatives. That is why we take pride in our single point of contact approach to client services and assign a specific Client Services Representative to each client. No navigating complex phone menus, waiting in a phone queue, patiently waiting while an anonymous rep reviews the account.

Yet client communication is not a one-way street and we use a number of other communications channels to make sure our clients get regular and useful communications from us. Not only are these tools used to communicate, they are also used to inform, educate and provide ‘personality’ to our company—ways to help you get to know us even better.

  • Web: Check out our web site at Our site provides information about our company and our services, our mission and values, blog postings and a link for clients to log in for secure account access. Debtors can also directly pay their bill using a secure payment link. (We are in the process of updating our website.  Please look for a whole new look and feel coming soon.)

  • Social Media: Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn! We post our weekly blogs and quarterly newsletters as well as other pertinent information about the collection industry as a whole, new regulations and other information to keep you up to date!

  • Newsletters: Each quarter we publish our client newsletter called “Your ARMor” which provides A/R management and debt collection insights, with the commitment of maintaining the important balance between Results and Relationships. We email the newsletters directly to our client contacts, but are also available on our website.

  • Blogs: Every week we publish blogs which focus on a variety of topics directly related to the collections industry, economic news, business management tips, and sometimes subjects that are just for fun. We send our blogs via email, post them on Facebook and LinkedIn and also archive them on our website.

  • “Quick Hit” emails: Our version of “Breaking News,” our “Quick Hit” emails are sent when there is important information to get to our clients quickly. These may be brief bits of relevant information, important service updates and important reminders intended to provide a short but important communication.

We know how important regular communications are to our clients and these are just some of the tools we use to keep in touch!

Connections Through Communication and more Communication

Relationships are built and maintained by positive encounters with others and, of course, communication is key.

At UCS we try to connect with others every way we can. As you read earlier we push communications through many avenues: our website, social media, weekly blogs, quick hit emails, and these quarterly newsletters.

We also want to always be available when folks reach out to us. People like to communicate in many different ways and we do our best to be accessible to everyone—clients, consumers, patients, or perspective clients—in whatever method is most comfortable to them. (It gets a little trickier when we communicate with consumers [patients] because of all the laws we must follow—some that haven’t changed since the 1970s when they were first enacted. Think about how communication has changed since then!) If you are a person who enjoys person to person contact our office is open 8:30-5, M-F. Come in and say hi. We also are available via phone, email, fax, or snail mail.

Have you ever been pursued by a vendor that was personable and attentive until they got your business and then crickets? It can be so frustrating! At UCS all clients are assigned their own Client Service Liaison who they can contact by either phone or email with questions or information regarding their account or the collection process.

Looking for info after hours or wanting a quick-easy way to retrieve data on your accounts? Then Client Access is for you!

Client Access is a website clients can use to access information 24/7. It can be reached by going to our website and clicking the client login button or by going directly to the website: . Credentials to Client Access are assigned after a partner agreement (contract) is signed and, for security purposes, expire after 75 days without a log in. So, if you haven’t accessed the site recently please reach out to your Client Service Liaison to get your account login reset. Once logged in, you will have access to: Account Status Reports, Closed Reports, Placement Acknowledgements, and Collection Summary. You will also have access to our New Account Placement Form that you can save to your desktop and print.

Looking for quick easy ways to send new placements? We can accept them via email, fax, or snail mail—whatever’s clever—we are open to suggestions. For our larger clients we also have the ability to accept them electronically with the touch of a button through a secure FTP site.

UCS also has the ability to work with clients through a VPN. This allows us to work directly on a client’s system to access data or make notes and updates on an account.

We all have our own preferred method of communication and ways to pay. That’s why we offer patients as many ways as possible to settle their debts. We accept all payment types including: ACH, checks, credit cards, debit cards and of course cash. If consumers prefer non-verbal methods of communication they can also go to our website and make a payment without talking to a representative.

We must never stop trying to find creative solutions, technologies, or services that create value for the Company or our clients is one of our guiding principles. This is why we are in the process of updating our website to include a lot more information about us and what we do, why we have big plans for Client Access by providing more information on the site and its ability to be interactive with its users, and why we hope to launch a new service soon that will allow consumers the ability to negotiate payment plans and terms with a virtual collector online.

Communication is the key to the connections and relationships we strive to make and keep. We are here for you!

UCS: All Around Town

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