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Hello Scotland Tour Families, Chaperones, and Staff!
It was wonderful seeing so many of you at the Burns Supper last week--thank you for attending and enthusiastically embracing the haggis. (So delicious!)

Did you know we leave for Scotland in 178 days?

Did your heart just skip a beat?

It is extremely important that you read the information below (shared previously in September and again in December), pay attention to the deadlines communicated and that you take care of the action items ASAP (if you haven't already done so.)

Due by February 1, 2016 (Hey! That's TODAY!)
Yup. Today is the first of many deadlines we will have before boarding our flight on July 28. We built in cushion around this deadline but not much. If you haven't taken care of the items listed below, you still have time but please do not delay. Every deadline going forward, however, is firm. Thank you for paying attention to these details!

1. Gateway Registration with Passport Number
The purpose of this registration process is to collect, in one place, all the necessary  information required for ticketing and to provide to the US State Department prior to our departure.  If you have already registered, please double-check your entries to ensure everything is accurate!  Your registered name must match your passport exactly before we issue tickets. 

How to Register:
  • Go to www.musicfestivals.com
  • Click on the “My Gateway” button
  • On the welcome page, scroll down and click the “Need to sign up for a tour?” link 
  • Enter our unique passphrase: haggis
  • Singers under 18: A parent or guardian is required to complete the User Registration. DO NOT check the box “Also register me as a passenger on this tour.” Once your User Profile is set up (after agreeing to Terms and Conditions) you will have the opportunity to “Add a Passenger” and complete the information required to register your singer. 
  • Chaperones, Staff and Singers 18 or older: Set up a User Profile in your name and check the box indicating you are also a passenger. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Proceed to the Passenger Profile questionnaire.
  • Under “Tour Terms and Conditions” you must check all three boxes and agree to the terms and conditions to continue. (Some of these may not apply but checking the boxes is still required.)
  • Most of the Passenger Profile questions are straightforward. If you have questions, please ask.
  • Role: choose “Chaperone”, “Student” or “Staff”
  • Ignore the “Land Only” language. This does not apply to us.
  • Enter Frequent Flyer Number, passport info, etc.
  • Year in School: please record the year in school for fall 2016.
  • Dietary Needs: This information will be communicated to KLM. Dietary needs will also be communicated to MYC at a later date for festival dining.
2. Passport information recorded on Gateway site by February 1. Everyone should have their passport by now. Please make sure your Gateway record includes your passport number. If you have not yet applied for your passport please go to the state department web site to get started TODAY. Please note: your passport must be valid through February 8, 2017, six months beyond our return date of August 8.
3. Additional Passport photo due to MYC by February 1, 2016.  The Festival will be issuing all participants (including adult chaperones and staff) a photo ID.  For this they will need a passport photo from each tour participant (singers, chaperone and staff).  Most passport photo services provide double the number of photos needed so we are hoping most of you will simply submit your extra photo to MYC. (You will get it back if desired.) Please forward your photo to the MYC office ASAP.
4. T-shirt size due to MYC by February 1, 2016
Please email your t-shirt size to Alyssa. (Everyone--singers, chaperones and staff.)
Small (34-36 inches)
Medium (38-40 inches)
Large (42-44 inches)
X-Large (46-48 inches)
These are the sizes provided by the festival--we have no control over the sizes being offered. Please make your best choice based on the options provided. Numbers in parenthesis indicate chest measurement.  

If you are planning to travel with your singer after the festival, you must complete the deviation process with Gateway by April 25, 2016. Please start this process today! A deviation is any change to your singer’s return ticket and is allowed on the return flight only. There is a $50 deviation request fee and fare increases may apply.  Requests must be submitted, completed, and paid in full by April 25, 2016.  (This date is dictated by the ticketing schedule in place with KLM.) Deviations are handled directly with our travel vendor, Gateway, and their air consolidator. The deviation request form is available on the tour webpage and may also be found on the My Gateway portal. 
Please note: singers will be occupied with group events through Sunday, August 7, until 4pm. You may plan to pick up your singer between 4 and 7pm on that day.

We will not know our daily schedule with the festival until this summer. For families making plans to travel to Scotland, you can assume that we will be performing somewhere in Aberdeenshire nearly every day between July 29 and August 6.
Tour Funds
As a reminder, the first tour payment of $737.50 is due March 1 (followed by April 1, May 1, and June 1).  Please note these due dates are firm! Tour statement will be emailed to families later this week.
Please make sure you are paying attention to all required Scotland Tour rehearsals when making plans for this summer.  You can view the calendar (as well as other tour bits) here: http://www.madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen

Thank you!