Happy Tuesday, Cantilena and Cantabile Families!

Because we need access to our entire concert wardrobe for the upcoming Scotland tour this summer, ALL Cantilena and Cantabile singers are being asked to return their black concert dress to MYC by May 22. (If you are NOT returning to MYC in the fall, please return your red MYC polo as well.)

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. We are also here during auditions this coming Saturday and Sunday as well as the following two Monday evenings.

Cantabile: You will be wearing your black concert dress for the Sunday, May 22, concert in Monroe. Please bring a change of clothes with you to the Monroe concert and plan to return your dress to MYC after the concert. We will have bins available.

Cantilena and Cantabile singers who are going to Scotland must also complete the Wardrobe Return Form (also included in the separate Scotland Tour email sent earlier today). If you are going to Scotland, please do not return your dress without this form. Cantabile--this means you will need to think ahead about having the form with you when you return your dress on Sunday, May 22. (We will remind you!)

Questions? Please ask!