Hi All--

A reminder that there is rehearsal this week--our usual time & place: tomorrow (Tuesday), 6:30-7:30pm. Thanks for arriving early so singers can be in place to start rehearsal promptly.

Looking ahead, we know that the week of Mahler 8 will be a busy one for everyone. There are Mahler extended evening rehearsals with the symphony, the performances themselves, along with our annual outreach tours for choirs that same week AND our final rehearsals before our concerts. 


It will be a rich week full of learning, growing, building community, and of course, a bit of hard work. We want to encourage you and your singer to plan ahead a bit for this busy week: make plans for homework, sleep, and healthy meals. 

We want everyone participating in this special Mahler 8 experience also to fully participate in their choirs' activities during that week. We're all in this together. And we'll all be there to support your wonderful singers!


:)Mike & everyone at MYC

P.S. I'll be at rehearsal tomorrow night--it'll be my first time hearing the singers and I can't wait!