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Hunger grant still available

Applications are still being accepted from congregations, ecumenical groups and organizations on the territory of the synod that are engaged in or seek to be engaged in efforts to feed hungry people. Grants range from $100 to $1,000 and applications will be accepted until all funds have been distributed. 


To date, sixteen grants have been received and approved with $14,750 being expended to feed hungry people. These grants have funded community gardens, backpack programs, community meals, a mobile burrito and sandwich distribution to homeless people, equipment for food pantries for perishable food, barrels for food collections, summer meal projects for children, and efforts to increase the nutritional value of feeding efforts. These are exciting projects carried out on the territory of this synod.

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Mission Support and Intent
Unrestricted giving from congregations, called Mission Support, is a tangible way your congregation participates in God’s mission in your area, across the nation and around the world. Your congregation’s Mission Support is vital to the ELCA ministries stewarded by your synod and your churchwide organization. These ministries enhance congregational vitality, raise up and support leaders, and provide opportunities for the transformative love of God to reach our hurting world. ELCA synods and the churchwide organization can better make, fulfill and expand ministry commitments when they hear from your congregation about its Mission Support intent for the next year. We ask you to prayerfully consider your congregation’s Mission Support share for the ministries of the wider church. Please communicate this support with your synod using the form provided. We are church together, doing so much more than anyone of us could do alone. 

If you are responsible for Mission Support for your congregation there is a helpful fillable form to submit your intent for Mission Support. To ensure you don't lose your work on the form download the form and open with a PDF viewing application such as Adobe Reader or Preview, fill out the form, then save it locally to your computer. 
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A LEAD reflection

By Pastor John Grebner, Grace Lutheran Church - Davenport

When the articles introducing the LEAD process first appeared in the synod eNews we were primed for it. Five years earlier we had finished a meaningful and helpful visioning process. We had identified our values and set several action plans into motion. In those five years, we had worked our way through the checklist of action plans with varying degrees of success. Most of what we had set before us were good, practical actions which would help us to be more effective as a congregation. And now we seemed ready for a next step. So we signed up for LEAD, even though we didn’t know exactly what it would entail. We trusted the synod. We are glad we did.

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Churchwide News
Living in a broken world
by Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

As I write this the Gulf Coast and Florida are starting the long recovery after hurricanes Harvey and Irma; Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are mostly ­­without electricity and running low on water, food, medicine and gasoline after Hurricane Maria. All of us are reeling from the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. There are no words. We are stunned almost to the point of numbness.

We try to make sense out of the incomprehensible. It’s climate change. It’s not climate change. We need more stringent gun control. We need to protect the Second Amendment. The federal government doesn’t do enough. The local government doesn’t do enough. Soon we’re talking at each other, not to each other.

Natural disasters feel chaotic and capricious. The weather service has gotten pretty sophisticated in predicting paths of hurricanes but is not completely accurate. Tornadoes strike with little warning. Is this just the way of the natural world, or is God visiting judgment upon us? There is human involvement that can make natural disasters more damaging.
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Portico Enrollment 
It's annual enrollment time, Portico plan members - annual enrollment is October 30th through November 13! Log into your 'myPortico' account today at
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Lent 2018 - A resource for congregations
Planning for Lent is in full swing for some, but not yet on the radar for others. Here in the Office of the Bishop we are preparing a resource for Lent that will connect directly to the theme of the 2018 synod assembly. 

Earlier this year, many congregations and individuals participated in 'Pigs with a Purpose,’ raising awareness and financial support for the hunger ministries of the ELCA and of the Southeastern Iowa Synod. We are planning a similar effort that will bolster ELCA Water Projects and related ministries. At our next assembly, presentations and activities will link the need for clean water to our proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. 

In preparation for the coming assembly emphasis and the gathering of gifts, we will provide related resources for worship and faith formation to be used in the season of Lent. As yet another sign that we are #inthisTogether, these resources and more information will be available by December 1, 2017. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Erika Uthe, Assistant to the Bishop,
You're Invited
Augustana College-Rock Island

Plan to attend also a Four-part book discussion on Radical Lutherans, Lutheran Radicals, ed. Jason Mahn  (Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, 2017).

Mondays – Nov. 13, 20, 27 and Dec. 4,  4:30 – 5:30 p.m. in the Wilson Faculty Center  

Free food and drinks will be served

Each week the group will discuss a chapter of the book, so reading in advance is suggested. Discussions will be led by the book’s author, Dr. Mahn. Books can be purchased on Amazon or in The Augustana College Bookstore. Reservations are also requested for this second book discussion, again by emailing

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Though our celebration of the Reformation may seem marked in time and history, we ask God to help our church to be always open to change, growth and reform centered in Scripture and the gospel for the sake of doing God’s work in the world.​​​​​​​
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