Remodeled Office Space - Reinvigorated Design

Stevens Engineering and Millwork offices recently received an comprehensive update.  The highlight of the areas is a new color scheme, which delineates each department.  Each working area is enhanced with a rich accent color in Plum, Ruby or Turquoise.  The desks, cabinets, hutches and shelving were made using our award-winning Legno woodgrain panels.  With embossed in registration pattern, deep grains and rich colors, each Legno panel brings character and warmth to the space.  The redesigned spaces include standards from the Techline modular furniture line, along with some custom features specially designed for each team. 

Response has been enthusiastic.  Designer Sara Johnson says, "We mainly wanted to focus on two things in the renovation: making the overall space much more lively by using our Legno textures with pops of vibrant color throughout, and increasing functionality and comfort of each workstation with new features like our programmable, adjustable-height tops."         
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SRS - Storage Retrieval System  

Stevens is pleased to debut our new state of the art panel storage and retrieval system.  Installed a few months ago, this investment to our facility is already making great strides in productivity and resource management.  The SRS is one of the largest systems of its type in North America and was customized for our operations unique needs.  This automated robotics system creates algorithms to optimize the storage, placement and retrieval of more than 7,000 panels.  It runs 24/7 and customizes material bundles to be shuttled to other work stations within the casework facility.  If it experiences downtime from pulling jobs, the system will adjust material placement for the next job in the queue.  Linked to our network, the system will send a text to the engineering team if it experiences a malfunction.

Randy Thoele, Vice President of Operations, "We began investigating these types of systems several years ago.  As an industry leader, and a 100-percent employee owned company, we are motivated to find the best, most efficient equipment and practices.  We are thorough in our exploration, with an eye to maintaining our quality standards and adding benefit to our operations.  The SRS has equipped us to run more precise, job specific schedules.  We've seen a decrease in back-orders and have reduced non-value added activity.  It has been a tremendous addition, and we're pleased with the results of our planning."
Minnesota School Board Show

Al Johnson and Tom Johnson with Lance Service and Rick Clough with Stevens Advantage participated in the Minnesota School Board Association's 95th Annual Leadership Conference January 14th and 15th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The Lance Service exhibit booth was well visited by many School Superintendents and Board Members from 331 independent school districts in Minnesota. It was also a great opportunity to visit and discuss Stevens Advantage Casework products with  fellow exhibitors from the Architectural, Construction Management and General Contractor community.  This year’s conference as in past years will lead to new opportunities and sales of Stevens Advantage Casework for Lance Service.
Rick and Tom at the Minnesota School Board show
Tom and Al at the Lance Service booth
Dealer WelcomeSteve Ward welcome

Stevens is pleased to welcome new casework dealer, SOPA, Inc. covering Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi territories. 

In the education furnishings business since 1996, SOPA offers a variety of products to education environments, from early learning through university.  The two companies are well-paired, with strength in the field and versatile skills and drive.  Coming together in this venture seemed natural.  Marcus Hutchinson, SOPA Casework and Equipment Manager, agreed, saying, "I've never seen a casework manufacturer with as many specifiable advantages as Stevens."

Pat Gibbons, Stevens' Dealer Sales Manager, "We're pleased to be partnering with SOPA, a dynamic group serving the education sector.  Their talented team and depth of experience will pair well with our technical skill and market development and equip us to serve more customers in the region." 

Photos NeededSteve Ward welcome

Stevens is creating a 2015 "Year in Pictures" book of all casework and millwork projects.  These will be tremendous sales tools for your fast-moving bidding season. 

Submit photos to Amanda Emmerich. Please include one outside shot including the building sign, along with five to six interior photos.  If possible, try to hide away boxes and clutter to achieve clean, attractive photos that can be used in marketing.  

Stevens Industries, Inc. is celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2016.  Thank you for your support,  partnership and friendship through the years.
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