Happy New Year!
Can You Believe the Year is Almost Over

In just a few hours it will be 2016. That means you have just a few hours to make a gift to
the Appalachian Community Fund and get a 2015 tax deduction for it. We are excited about the upcoming year and the new possibilities before us…possibilities we are confident will make us better able to work with the people of Central Appalachia for Change, not Charity!

Thank you for a great year and for the work you do in the region and for your continued support of Appalachian Community Fund.

Peace, love, and justice,
Margo Miller
Executive Director
P.S. Please allow us to brag on the work you support and all the change-making work of this year’s
grantees! In 2015, you made it possible for ACF to make a total of $102,576 in grants to 23 groups through four funding programs. You can read just a few highlights of the accomplishments of the work here.
What a wonderful year! All of this change, not charity work could not have happened without our community of donors!
Thank you for supporting us and making it possible!