Edgewater Event Today! | Saturday, November 10
Today at-a-glance:
  • Free and open to the public from 1-4pm on the Grand Plaza at the Edgewater
  • Yes! This event is outside--we fully expect singers will be bundled up for their comfort.(Wish we had branded stocking caps for all...maybe next year...) :)
  • Singers should report directly to the Mendota Ballroom upon arrival for warm-ups

Ragazzi, Cantabile, Cantilena | 1:00PM Call; 1:30PM Perform 
Con Gioia | 1:45PM Call; 2:15PM Perform
Choraliers, Capriccio | 2:15PM Call; 2:45PM Perform
Purcell, Britten, Holst | 2:45PM Call; 3:15PM Perform
ALL: 3:45PM Perform*

* For everyone who is able to stay until 4PM, we are planning a finale that we rarely have an opportunity to do: sing as one choir with every ensemble represented. This will be an amazing end to what promises to be a very festive day! Thank you for planning ahead so your singer can participate at 3:45PM.

Because this is a performing event, everyone's voice is important. We expect you will be attending unless you have an immovable, unavoidable conflict. (Please let us know via the online absence form).

Arrival and Parking
Thank you for leaving enough time to park and deliver your singer to their warm up space ready at their call time listed below. All singers should report to the Mendota Ballroom inside the Edgewater Hotel upon arrival. This space is in the main building on the right side as you are facing the lake. We will have volunteers helping to direct singers--if you're unsure where to go, please ask hotel staff or find a familiar face! All performances as well as event activities will be on the Plaza.

Parking (limited spaces) is available in Edgewater's adjacent ramp for $5. Other parking options are noted on the map below. In addition, there is street parking available in the neighborhood. Parents may want to drop their singer first and then park.
What to Wear
Today's forecast looks nippy (but sunny!). All performances are outside on the Plaza so we expect that in addition to wearing the MYC red polo, singers will also be in their winter jackets. Please still wear your red polo (feel free to wear something long-sleeved underneath as well). Casual jeans, pants, skirts, etc., are all appropriate with the polo. Please no tears or stains. This is a casual event but let's look sharp!

See you soon!

P.S. And yes, we have regular rehearsals on Sunday and Monday (inside)! (See Weekly Notes from Thursday.)