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January 13, 2011

baby feet in utero

The feet of a baby in the womb of its mother are not so different from yours or mine.

PPL's Challenge for 2011

by Marie Bowen

Is it possible to build a culture that cherishes life within a 'pro-choice' PC(USA)? Certainly the pregnancy stories of the Bible, the life stories, teach us that with God all things are possible!

Mary was a virgin. Sarah and Elizabeth were too old to bear children. Rebekah and Rachel were infertile. Yet, God did the impossible and brought children to their wombs. And if that were not enough, we have the stories of those brought back from the dead like Lazarus and, of course, Christ! The whole of Scripture teaches us that God brings life where there is only barrenness and death. So, can God help us build a culture that cherishes life in the midst of a denomination that condones the death that abortion brings? We say, "Yes!" and we invite your congregation to join us in the effort. Read more.

Download pdf of January Presbyterians Pro-Life Monthly which includes this article and more.

Learn how your congregation can become a Partner's For Life church.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is Jan 23rd

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PPL offers materials to help you plan a special service for that day that focuses on God's gift of life. Visit our SOHLS webpage for bulletin inserts and worship ideas. Find sermon examples here, here, and on the SOHLS page.
Woman praying

Prayer: God's remedy for discouragement

A Devotional given at PPL's October Board Meeting in Moultrie, GA

by Mary Van Driest

As I was preparing for PPL's board meeting, I thought about the importance of "keeping on" and finishing strong. It is vital that we not allow Satan to distract, deceive or discourage us from doing the good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Eph. 2: 9)

...The people complained to Nehemiah that they were tired, their strength was giving out, it was too much for them, they just couldn't do it anymore...The only real cure for fatigue and discouragement is to focus on God's purposes.

Over and over, Nehemiah prayed and kept on, and the day finally came when the job was finished. The enemies saw that they had been defeated because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God. (6:16) Read more.

Download PPL's Life Support Prayer Calendar and join us in praying for our denomination to acknowledge God's ownership of human life.

Denomination News
Reclaim the Biblical Teaching is a growing movement that responds to the deep conflict and division in our denomination in two ways: 1) mobilizing to reclaim and maintain biblical standards in the voting on proposed amendments coming to presbyteries; and 2) living out a 2nd Culture within the PC(USA) in order to go forward in obedience and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.
PPL urges you to visit this website, read the materials, and join us in joyfully living out the life of Christ in your congregation, your home, your job--all the locations in which God has placed you to carry the light of the good news of Jesus Christ today!
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Partner's for Life Churches are building a culture of life in their congregations.

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First Presbyterian Church, Ocean City, NJ

PPL sign at March for Life

Sam Sheldon at

March for Life in 2010

Each year, John Sheldon, Pastor of FPC Ocean City, NJ takes a vanload of youth to the March for Life.

They will be at the March in Washington D.C. on January 24 this year along with PPL's Executive Director, Marie Bowen. (If you are planning to attend the March for Life, please contact the PPL office so we can meet you there.)

The congregation of FPC Ocean City is among PPL's most generous financial supporters, giving a tithe on a large bequest in 2009 that helped us greatly in our GA 219 effort.

The church also supports Hope Pregnancy Center through their annual Baby Bottle Boomerang (collecting $2000 3 years ago). In the last year they also gave over $1000 to the Healthy Women Healthy Families PCUSA Mothers Day cards program.

Please write us and tell us what your congregation is doing to protect vulnerable human life!

Life Support

Join PPL's Prayer Team!

PPL has long depended on prayer. We know that we can do nothing worthwhile without God's help. Our team of prayer warriors commit to praying regularly for PPL's staff, board of directors and ongoing efforts to speak on behalf of the voiceless in the PC(USA). If God is calling you to support PPL through your prayers, this is the perfect time to make a commitment. Click here to download the Prayer Calendar for January-March which includes a form to sign-up.

I received a phone call from a friend this week that put the importance of the work and witness of PPL back into perspective for me. She had an opportunity to minister to a young woman who was pregnant and unmarried, who did not want an abortion but was not ready to parent either. My friend did all the right things. She listened, she helped the woman know that help was available, she prayed with her, she obtained her contact information for follow-up, and she referred her to a Christian pregnancy center. Then she called me to see if she had done the right thing. I was thrilled to be able to affirm the steps she had taken and I was able to supply her with PPL's pictorial brochure on the development of the unborn child.

Sadly, many pastors, church members, and Christian friends have no idea how to counsel someone who is contemplating an abortion decision. That's why the work of PPL is so important in our denomination. We are working hard to equip churches to be prepared for life-affirming ministry. We need your prayers, your financial support, and your involvement in our work. Please be in touch and let us know how we can help you become prepared for the opportunities God may be bringing into your path.

Yours in Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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