Changes for our volunteers and beds for 2020

Oh, how life has changed for everyone in the past 2 months! The changes made due to public health concerns and practices are being implemented in this year’s activities. Planting will not be done at any closed County facilities this year. If any of these reopen in the next while, planting will be decided accordingly. These include GARC, the Museum, Rural County Halls, 55+ Club, Kinsmen Leisure Centre, and Sherwood Park Arena.

Planting days will be Sunday June 7th and Monday June 8th. Watering will be done for all beds on Tuesday, June 9th. Anyone planting on Sunday may request watering on Saturday. During the current health directives, one volunteer is to be present at the bed or planters at a time to plant or weed. All purchases are to be made following social distancing recommendations and all our greenhouses have online ordering with curbside pickup.

Flowers have been ordered for Millennium Place and are now available to our volunteers to use in their beds. They are 85 Rudbeckia – Indian Summer   36” x 14-16”, 60 Cordyline – Red Sensation    36” x 24”, 241 Salvia – Forest Fire   16” x 24”, 333 Coleus – Campfire  14-18’ x 14-24”, 68 Verbena – Firehouse Red   8-10” x 18-22”, 236 Ipomoea – Solar Power Red    10-12” x 24-36”, 352 Dahlberg Daisy   8-12” x 12” and 252 Bidens – Bee Bold   14-20” x 18-24”. This is an excellent alternative if you do not feel comfortable visiting a greenhouse. Contact Leesa Lacombe at                 

These changes are necessary to have most of our beds and planters planted this year. During these uncertain and trying times, the flowers that you plant are even more important to brighten spirits in our community. We will inform you if policies change with new health directives.


Thank you to Country Road Greenhouses

We would like to give Carol Meier a huge thank you for her many years of support for Strathcona in Bloom. Carol closed Country Road Greenhouses last fall, but we look forward to her continuing involvement in our gardening community. Here is a thank you that Carol sent to the volunteers of Strathcona in Bloom.

"I wanted to say Thank you to the volunteers of “Strathcona in Bloom” CiB. The first year we opened in 1998, Peter Stavely and Cliff Lacey were excited to share a new program to help beautify Sherwood Park. They transplanted seedling in the back room at County Road Greenhouses and grew the plants in the Stavely’s greenhouse. Over the years we have donated, sponsored and grown plants for “Strathcona in Bloom”. I enjoy love plants, but my body has told me to slow down. We will no longer be growing plants. I look forward to my new adventures in 2020. Thank you for a wonderful experience and memories of “Strathcona in Bloom”. Carol Meier


County Clothesline Foundation Grant

We were the fortunate recipients of a grant of $1,000.00 from the County Clothesline Foundation Sherwood Park last fall. The grant is to support our Outdoor Spaces program. We thank the County Clothesline Foundation volunteers for their work in supporting many groups within our community. Their volunteers were also responsible for the lovely pot of flowers outside their door. They received an Outdoor Spaces decal from us as a “thank you." 


Spring Plans Cancelled

Our initiatives were cancelled this spring. We were to participate in Seedy Sunday at the Agora in late March. Strathcona County Library partnered with Seedy Sunday and were set to have a larger space and program. Our Native Plant Sale in partnership with the Edmonton Native Plant Society was scheduled for the first Saturday of June. Last year was our first sale and a success, not only in the money raised, but in connecting with the Native Plant Society. Our executive was set to volunteer with Arbour Day in early May. This event is an especially fun day spent with Grade 1 children as they are introduced to the many benefits of trees. Introduction of a Ladybug Release and education program in classrooms this spring was delayed until next year.


In Memorium

We would like to honour the memory of Trudy Pope and express our condolences to her family and friends. Trudy was a long-time volunteer in the Nottingham bed, and we appreciate her many years of dedicated service.

Front Yard and Outdoor Spaces

Both programs are planned to proceed this summer with adjustments to follow the public health recommendations. The Front Yard program will run from June 18 to July 11 and is looking for more volunteers. Contact Chairperson Beth Hunt at if you are able to help. The Outdoor Spaces program recognizes businesses and organizations in our community. The impact of policies to combat COVID 19 has been particularly devastating to this portion of our community. If you see flowers by any business or organization this summer, please let Marlys Cooper know at We appreciate the extra effort, especially this year, that they have made and want to make sure everyone receives recognition.