A home hosting experience provides visitors a glimpse of our way of life. They share our food, participate in our activities and get to know Americans. Sister Cities will make sure your hosting experience is a pleasant one. Click here for more information...
Fort Worth Sister Cities has started the process to recruit candidates for a newly created position within the organization – Associate Director for Community Engagement, a high level position that will help set the direction and ensure the health of the organization. Click here for more information...

Since 1989, the award-winning International Leadership Academy (ILA) has brought young people from Fort Worth’s sister cities to the area to discuss pressing

Interning for Fort Worth Sister Cities not only gives students a global perspective, it offers them a chance to discover what they are capable of. Click here for more information...

Join educators from China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Swaziland, Vietnam, and the United States to share how we can integrate the environment into education. Click here for more info...

Race teams will compete in this global challenge right here in Fort Worth! Teams of 4 will walk, run, and ride to 8 international stations. Click through to put a team together for this fun event! ​Click here for more information...

Well-known Fort Worth chefs have graciously donated their time and expertise to support the programs of Sister Cities. Some chefs are preparing meals in winning bidders’ homes for up to 10 people and some with specialized wine pairings to complement the menus. Bidding starts online August 3 – 13. Click here for more information...
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Independence Day
Youth Ambassadors return from exchange to Nagaoka, Japan
Junior International Leadership Academy, South Hi Mount Elementary
International Leadership Academy (ILA) begins
ILA Cultural Reception, University Christian Church, 2720 S. University Dr., 6:30 p.m.
Tricolore Sports Games Ambassadors sworn in as Citizen Diplomats at City Council meeting, 1000 Throckmorton, 2nd floor, 7:00 p.m.
Home hosting weekend for ILA
Harashin Scholars travel to Nagaoka, Japan
Global Educators Workshop, TCC, Trinity River Campus, Room 4202, Action A, 10:00 a.m. 
Board of Directors meeting, University Christian Church, 2720 S. University Dr., noon
♦ Reggio is sending 21 students, 2 facilitators, and 1 chaperone to the International Leadership Academy in July. 
♦ Last month, Mayor Price, Director Emeritus Michael S. Hyatt, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President of Economic Development David Berzina, and staff traveled to Reggio Emilia to meet with Mayor Luca Vecchi.

♦ Trier is sending 14 students, 1 facilitator, and 1 chaperone to the International Leadership Academy in July. 
♦ Director Emeritus Michael S. Hyatt and staff traveled to Trier in June to meet new Mayor Wolfram Leibe as well as Trier leadership. The group was able to finalize a plan to bring back the youth ambassador exchange to Trier for 2016.

♦ Youth Ambassadors and Delegation Leaders travel to Nagaoka and Tokyo, Japan June 30-July 9.
♦Nagaoka is sending 11 students, and 2 chaperones to the International Leadership Academy in July.
​Eight Harashin scholar students and 2 teachers travel to Nagaoka July 26-August 5 for a reciprocal exchange.

Youth Ambassadors and Delegation Leaders traveled to Bandung, Indonesia June 10-22.
​♦Bandung is sending 10 students and 2 chaperones to the International Leadership Academy in July.
♦ Stay tuned for details on a  Budapest Committee event involving classical Hungarian music and Dr. Tamas Ungar.

♦ 10 facilitators and two teachers from Tec de Monterrey in Toluca, Mexico facilitated the Spanish Immersion Camp with Fort Worth ISD June 15-26.
♦ Toluca is sending 15 students, 10 facilitators, and 2 chaperones to the International Leadership Academy (ILA) in July. Those 10 facilitators will also conduct the Junior International Leadership Academy the week prior to ILA.
♦ Pamela Gallegos, a student from Tec de Monterrey, is currently interning at the Fort Worth Convention and Visitor's Bureau in their Marketing Department until July 31.
♦ Mbabane is sending 6 students, 1 facilitator, and 1 chaperone to the International Leadership Academy in July, 4 of which are being sponsored by the Black Ecumenical Leadership Alliance.
♦ Sister Cities is also sponsoring its first BELA church student, who attends Mount Olive Baptist Church, to attend ILA. He received a full scholarship made possible by the Mbabane Committee's fundraiser at the Gospel Choir event held in 2014.
The Guiyang group will be planning the 5th anniversary exchange to Guiyang in 2016.  If interested in joining the group or planning the tour, contact Beth Weibel at 817-632-7105.
Guiyang is sending 20 students and 1 chaperone to the International Leadership Academy in July.
♦ Fort Worth will be represented by 20 Fort Worth high school students at the International Leadership Academy in July.
♦ We are proud of our new officers, elected in April. They are volunteering during ILA this summer and planning a wonderful calendar of events for 2015-2016​.
​♦ Vietnam is sending 20 students and 2 chaperones to the International Leadership Academy in July.
♦Our team of summer interns includes Kiana Cunningham, Christine Donohue, Darren Liao, Ali McGuigan, Kalyn Rabuse, Molly Suggs, and Isabella Vick. Thank you for all your service to Fort Worth Sister Cities. We couldn’t do what we do without you! ​
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Joseph Ramirez
Vice President/COO
Beth Weibel
Sr. Program Manager
Danielle McCown
Administrative Assistant

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