Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, June 2015
By Garold Andersen

Thankfully most of Africa has officially restricted or rejected abortions, but this has not halted the crisis for the unwanted children. Even in cultures that don't endorse abortion, a strong bias exists against single mothers and orphans. In many rural African communities unwanted children live under a stigma, detached from the concern of the community. You hold a key that can drastically impact their lives and it isn't your money.

 Every culture has strengths and weaknesses. A weakness of rural Kenyan culture is this bias against orphans. Tribalism has carved it deep into the souls of the people. It rewards the strong and rejects the weak. Though times have changed, the tribal mentality remains. This does not mean that Kenyans or Africans are bad; rather, their culture has created a blind spot within them. 
Abortion should top the list when churches speak out against violence
Written by P.J. Southam 
How would our nation be different if we had as many signs publicly displaying the beatitudes as we did the Ten Commandments? The beatitudes, or blessings, are those eight sayings of Jesus Christ from his Sermon on the Mount that are recorded for us in Matthew's gospel chapter five. One of those beatitudes is "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." As followers of Jesus we are called to be peacemakers. We should work to make peace within our households, our neighborhoods and communities, and in the larger world.
Great News!  ECO drops  Plan B with Zero claims!
As of June 1, Emergency contraceptives such as Plan B have been dropped   from the Cigna health plan offered to pastors. During the months ECO was negotiating with Cigna and the pills were covered, NO woman submitted a claim for these abortifacient medications.
Just over a year ago, PPL wrote about the coverage of emergency contraceptives in the Health Plan of ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians). At that time ECO leaders were negotiating with Cigna in an attempt to eliminate that coverage. A few months ago, PPL learned that the coverage would be dropped in January 2016. I've just learned from Dana Allin, title, that effective June 1, the ECO health plan will not cover such medications (which may cause abortions) and he shared with me the great news that during the time coverage of emergency contraceptives was in effect NO claims were submitted by the women of ECO. PPL is grateful for the efforts of ECO leadership to make this change and rejoicing that the women of ECO are walking out their faith by affirming and protecting life in the womb!
Our Executive Director is on the move!

Here is where The PPL Executive Director, Marie Bowen, will be in the next few weeks Please visit our PPL display if you are attending any of these events and say hello!

June 8-12 - Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly, BOOTH 411, Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN

June 18-21 - Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women, BOOTH 35,  Hyatt Regency, Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

June 23-28 - Evangelical Presbyterian Church General Assembly, First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL - Wednesday Lunch - 40 Days for Life

July 3 - 1:00-3:00 pm, Restoration America, A Solemn Assembly, Philadelphia, PA

July 10-11 - National Right to Life Convention, New Orleans, LA - Join me at the prayer breakfast, and Friday and Saturday workshops.
Pray with PPL
God answers prayer. 
PPL is seeking Christians who will commit to PPL's ministry of prayer called
Life Support.

Romans 8
Praise God for the Spirit of Life, dwelling within us through Jesus Christ.
Pray for those at the end of life to know the hope of Christ and the life of his Spirit. 
Pray for God to reconcile and unite us in Chirst for effective Life & Gospel ministry.
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