December 20, 2009

Pregnant Women of the BiblePregnant Women of the Bible presentation
The pregnancy stories of the Bible are rich sources of teaching about the character of God, how he values human life, his grace toward those who deserve punishment, his trustworthiness, and his plan of redemption for mankind.
As Christmas draws near we think of Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. Hers was an "unplanned pregnancy." Circumstances of her day put her in danger of death by stoning at being found pregnant and unmarried. But for God's intervention through an angel, the pregnancy would have cost Mary her relationship with her betrothed, Joseph. And as she grew great with child the government required a long trip away from her home in the last weeks of her pregnancy with no safe place to deliver her baby.
How amazing it is that the King of Kings would choose to inhabit the womb of Mary! What an extraordinary commitment God displayed toward mankind in this act! Israel should have known that He was just such a God. If only they had attended to the stories of pregnant women told in Scripture! 
I hope you will also take a few minutes to view a presentation about the wonderful lessons to be learned from the pregnancy stories of the Bible.  To view it now click here or on the picture above.
Holy Spirit encounter in the womb
Two babies meet while still in the womb of their mothers and the Holy Spirit bears witness between them. God comes into the womb of a woman and so identifies with humankind in our weakest, and most vulnerable condition.
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