Join Michael Drescher in workshops of his One-Man Show 
at Lynn Redgrave Theater

In a world more and more dominated by fear, comes a story rich in hope.

Drescher’s "18 Arrests, 1 Conviction" is a hilarious, fascinating true-life story of pleasure, struggle, and triumph. Throughout his life he has used his quick thinking, confidence and a few well placed dollars, or a deft combination of all three – to narrowly avoid conviction… only to realize he has been “convicted” since birth!
“18 ARRESTS... has you laughing and believing in the power love.” 
– Vicky Newman, Malibu Times

“Michael Drescher is the kind of guy you’d sure want to have a drink with…” 
– Brad Schreiber, Backstage West
“Drescher details it with enough humor, pathos and genuine wonder at his own good luck to keep you with him all the way…”
– E.A. Kaplan, L.A. Weekly
February 15th at 5:30pm 
February 16th and 17th at 7:00pm 

FREE tickets available by RSVPing to 18arrests@gmail.com

at the Lynn Redgrave Theater
45 Bleecker Street, NYC

Special Group Rates are now available for
Based on the Nationally Acclaimed children's book: The Can Do Duck
Send inquiries to groups@cultureproject.org for more information.

"The Can Do Duck’s positivity was felt from start to finish. The musical {and books} presented a powerful and important message to kids in a very fun and entertaining way – “I say I can. I make a plan. I get right to it. And then I do it!”” - The Baby Bump Diaries

“I love how interactive and engaging the show was for the kids. I have to admit that as an adult I was just as entertained as the kids.”- First Time Mom… And Losing It!​

“The cast was spectacular. They can sing, act and engage the kids. I didn’t see one kid uninterested in this show, they were all excited to see what was going to happen next.”- The Mommy Elf
Our good friends at Poetic Theater Productions
invite you to a WORLD PREMIERE
In the infancy of the war, Iraq is already filled with ghosts. The lives of four U.S Marines, a French reporter and four Iraqis are forever changed after an errant mortar round kills a child during the rush to Baghdad. Phantoms haunt the people of a burning Baghdad, trying to prevent the bloodletting to come, and as Sadaam’s statue falls in Firdos Square, the Marines and Iraqis are forced together in a moment which will test their humanity, empathy and potential for forgiveness.

Written by Maurice Decaul
Directed by Alex Mallory

February 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 17th, 18th & 21st at 8PM
February 7th, 15th and 16th (Presidents Day) at 3PM
@ Wild Project - 195 E 3rd St

$15 Tickets available HERE with discount code: CULTURE15