Sorbet Semi Translucent Mediums!
Soft bodied, spreads smoothy and dries with soft peaks.  
Formulation, Creation and use of Sorbets Gel Medium.​
Sorbet is a semi-translucent gel medium with just the right amount of glitter added.  Currently it comes in 17 color shades with 4 clear coats (very translucent). see below for color palette   This creamy translucent gel base is perfect for applying over patterned papers or wood surfaces.  Because of its sheer qualities you can still enjoy the pattern underneath.  You can use Sorbet on your Scrapbook layouts, your DIY projects and a wide variety of surfaces like; canvas, paper, wood, cardboard, chipboard, ribbon, fabric, wood, cork, muslin, burlap, gessoed surfaces and so much more.  

Sorbet was created to offer artists a strong brightly colored medium that will withstand stamping and sanding while giving you that added sparkle you are looking for. 

In Gini's Mixed Media Canvas - Start to Finish video, she makes use of the Sorbets to add interest to her canvas and to soften the "edges" of her stenciling. She uses it to add textural effects by thickly laying it down and then running a Catalyst Contours comb tool through it. The sorbet holds the peaks formed by the tool. She softens the edge of her stenciling and blends them into the rest of her canvas by applying a few coats of sorbet. To add contrast and shading to a piece of lace, she paints on several uneven layers, thicker where she wants shading, thinner where she wants contrast. And finally, she uses it on a rubber stamp which creates a raised 3-dimensional stamped image.
The wonderful thing about using Sorbets is that its uses are endless. Use them to add sparkle and shimmer to any project (they are great for bringing life back to decoupaged napkins). Or create a 3-dimensional effect through stamping, stenciling or combing. Add them in layers to create contrast, shading and interest. Apply them thicker or build up in more layers to get more of an opaque look.

You are only limited by your own imagination!
June 19, 2014

To see this AMAZING technique based project in its entirety be sure to check out the Art Anthology Blog on the 19th.  Gini's detailed video is bound to surprise you just how cool creating this project was.  She even brought out the power tools!  

Product listing:
Art Anthology Colorations Grass, Salted Carmel, Waimea Bay.   Art Anthology Velvets Fiji
Art Anthology Sorbets Chocolate, Buttercream, Mint Julep.   Art Anthology Crystal Dimension Mermaid
Art Anthology Metal Effects Gold.  Art Anthology Gesso
Come and get em'...techniques galore!.
►Use as a resist
►Create a texture background
►Blend with any other paint medium 
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Sorbet color palette:

Here they are.... top to bottom!

Black Leather Jacket, Vegas Gold, Chocolate, Trolley, Kenyan Copper, Evergreen, Honolulu Blue, Red Velvet, Viridian, Baby Blue Eyes, Drab, Big Dip O’Ruby, Tiger’s Eye, Imperial, Just Peachy Mi-Bella, Mint Julep, Leaf, Coral, Buttercream, Frost, Linen, Splashed & Dazzle!


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Gini's personal notes:

What inspired my project - "I took a workshop with Kate Thompson a few weeks ago, and while she has a fine arts background, I wanted to apply some of the techniques to my mixed media and scrapbooking projects."

My style - "I've always described my style as shabby chic meets Dolly Parton -  I love distressed, heavily layered pieces, but there's got to be a little glitter or sparkle thrown in for good measure."

What motivates me to create:  "I come from a long line of people who have made things with their hands.  Creating is so much a part of who I am, that if I am not using my artistic abilities, I get restless.  When I am in my studio, I'm very introspective and work through any dilemmas of the day.  I find peace."

How has AA changed my style: " My style and my techniques are always evolving.  I'm not an expert painter, but Art Anthology has given me the confidence to jump in and try ideas that five years ago, I would not have thought I could have done. The colors are very clear and vibrant, and it's so easy to build layers and layers of yummy texture - that anyone (with or without formal art training), can create pieces that they will be proud of."
What inspired my project - "I took a workshop with Kate Thompson a few weeks ago, and while she has a fine arts background, I wanted to apply some of the techniques to my mixed media and scrapbooking projects."
Gini's Detailed Video
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