Special Edition 2012
Announcing a Special Event in Knoxville, Tennessee

Join us in honoring Martha Boggs with an Appalachian Hero Award!

The First Annual Martha Boggs Bash!

Come out to the Relix Variety Theatre on May 12th from 8pm - Midnight. Cost of admission is

$10 cash money at the door or click here for advance tickets. Click here to check out our Facebook page where we'll be sharing event details including information about our silent auction.

Martha Boggs is a Knoxville business owner (Bistro at the Bijou and Dazzo's Pizzeria). In January, Martha asked Senator Stacey Campfield to leave the Bistro because of recent inflammatory remarks he made against the gay community. We honor her willingness to stand up for the rights of others. The First Annual Martha Boggs Bash will include a dance party, a Fabulachian Drag Show and Best Dressed contest. This event benefits the Appalachian Community Fund and its GLBTQ Initiative.

The GLBTQ Initiative Fund (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) was established in 2006 by a gift from a Tennessee donor to develop and strengthen resources for GLBTQ organizing efforts in Central Appalachian communities. This Initiative is designed to support GLBTQ organizational building, strengthening Gay and Lesbian Community institutional resources, and capacity building for GLBTQ organizing efforts.

The Appalachian Community Fund has been supporting Change, Not Charity in Central Appalachia for 25 years. ACF has granted over 6 million dollars to social justice organizations working in the region.

ACF'S Mission Statement

The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) funds and encourages grassroots social change in Central Appalachia. ACF works to build a sustainable base of resources to support community-led organizations seeking to overcome and address issues of race, economic status, gender, sexual identity, and disability. As a community-controlled fund, ACF offers leadership to expand and strengthen the movement for social change through its practices and policies.

ACF's Vision Statement
On the journey to justice, our vision is to work for the day when Appalachia's land, air and water are saved from destruction and contamination; where the economy is stable, strong, and provides diverse employment opportunities for all people; where government and industry are accountable to human needs without exploitation of people and their health; where justice, equity, appreciation of diversity and celebration of our common humanity replace racism, sexism, heterosexism and other "isms"; where wealth and resources are shared equally; where all children grow up free from hatred and violence; and where justice overcomes oppression in any form.

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