Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, November 2014
Twins before and after birth
Author headshotby Aaron Matthew Weldon   

Original post by LIFE ISSUES FORUM November 7, 2014. Re-posted here by permission.

A person might choose to have an abortion, or to commit suicide, for a variety of reasons. A single woman may not feel that she can afford to take care of a child. A terminally ill husband may not want his wife to watch him suffer. People are driven to these tragic acts for deeply personal reasons. But there is more going on here. In these painful stories, where people choose against life, a pervasive emptiness, a spiritual darkness, comes into view. That emptiness is not limited to individuals, but is a part of our contemporary culture. An underlying despair threatens to permeate our modern secular society today.
by Marie Bowen   

What do cultural conflicts over abortion and assisted suicide reveal about the state of Christian faith?

On my mind this week has been the overwhelming need for the Church of Jesus to walk out the hope of the Gospel which lives in us! Hope in God is needed precisely in the issues that cause conflict—abortion and assisted suicide are two--where the Christian message of hope in Jesus Christ and the secular value of autonomy collide.

The Good News -- that the Son of God came into our world, entered the womb of Mary, was born, lived a perfect life, taught radical life changing truths, willingly submitted to an excruciating death, and took your sin and mine and our death penalty to give us life—has changed everything on the planet. It is our best, and really only, reason for hope.
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