Two Vibrant Faith Events
in the Western Iowa Synod,
attend one or both!!
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Do What Matters
Saint John Lutheran Church in Council Bluffs, IA is hosting a Vibrant Faith "Do What Matters" two day event on Sept. 29 & 30. Leif Kerhwald will be leading and facilitating the event.  It is a wonderful opportunity for leaders and lay teams to learn about and focus on faith formation.  It is very affordable, $99 per person, and applicable to all leaders. Invite a friend or colleague to join you!!

A brief synopsis of what will be covered:
Do What Matters!
is a two-day training experience for congregational leaders, offered at 25 sites around the county in 2015. This interactive training experience seeks to help leaders imagine and implement effective faith formation practices for today and for future generations. Anchored in recent research, propelled by the urgent need for change, yet tempered by decades of leadership in the field, Vibrant Faith trainers will guide participants toward:
  • understanding the profound cultural changes affecting faith development processes today. 
  • exploring the process of faith transmission from generation to generation through the extended family and church systems. 
  • experiencing and developing innovative ministry approaches that apply the essential faith-forming processes to people of all ages. 
  • developing a practical plan for the future of faith formation with all ages in your congregation.

All the information and registration can be found by clicking below!! 
Info & Registration
Forming Faith Everyday, Everywhere

Join us on October 31st we discuss and learn about forming faith everyday and everywhere. This Faith Formation event is being sponsored by Vibrant Faith Ministries and the Western Iowa Synod. We are excited to have Jim LaDoux join us as our presenter.

This event will be held at Our Savior's in Council Bluffs. It will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 12:00 pm. and it's free to all participants. 

The day will include:
  • Worship & Story Telling
  • The power of storytelling & familying Being the church 24/7/365
  • Building disciples “BE” different ”THINK” different “ACT” different
  • Embedding faith practices into our daily lives
  • Forming faith in the congregation
  • Forming faith in our households & communities
  • Forming faith online & on the go
  • Setting our compass Aligning our intentions withGod’sintentions
  • Developing a road map to guide our individual and congregational efforts

Learning to review, rethink, and reimagine who we are and what we do! 
Register Here
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