May 5, 2020

Won't you help out No Fracked Gas in Mass today?

Pipeline protest in Plainfield. Photo © Rene Theberge

Your donation to No Fracked Gas in Mass keeps us going – Opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts and beyond, helping the people understand and comment on energy policy, and educating communities on energy efficiency and clean energy options through our EE-Pittsfield (and beyond!) initiative.

One time or monthly donations of any size help keep us up and running!

If you're able to donate, whether it’s $5 or $500, your support means
more than ever during these uncertain times.

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MassSave creates more ways for your home or business to get efficient during the COVID-19 emergency
including a 100% rebate for insulation upgrades for qualifying homes

During a time when contractors cannot enter your homes, Mass Save sponsors are offering these no-cost / no-home-visit virtual home energy assessments. The MassSave Online Home Energy Assessment is a self-guided online home energy survey.

The MassSave Virtual Home Energy Assessment will offer guidance from a home energy professional. Through a phone or video call, a home energy specialist will walk you through an assessment of your home and provide you with opportunities to reduce your monthly energy usage and costs.

For eligible homes, energy savings packages will be delivered to your doorstep following the audit – LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, smart power strips, and programmable or wifi thermostats.

Right now, for any qualifying customer who signs up by May 31 by taking the Online Home Energy Assessment or Virtual Home Energy Assessment, Mass Save will cover 100% of your insulation upgrade costs! All work will be scheduled at a future time when it is safe to proceed.

Choose one of two ways to get started:
» MassSave Online Home Energy Assessment
A self-guided online home energy use survey

» MassSave Virtual Home Energy Assessment
Phone or video call with a home energy specialist to walk you through an assessment of your home.

Even if you've had a Mass Save energy assessment before, you can sign up again if it's been over two years.

Small Business Owners! Get on board for energy savings, too!

MassSave is also working on ways to virtually engage with small businesses. Word is they'll be increasing incentives to help businesses out in this trying time - details still being worked out.

Please contact Rose at BEAT's EE-Pittsfield initiative to get in touch with a MassSave business program administrator. We have links to both assessments and information on small business programs at The MassSave program is state-wide; you don't need to be in Pittsfield to participate.

Pittsfield Residents!
We’re helping the City of Pittsfield meet the MassSave Municipal Partnership challenge, a plan to reach a broad array of Pittsfield neighborhoods, faith groups, community groups, renters and landlords and small businesses.

Would you like to engage your community group, neighborhood association or employees in participating in the MassSave program? Talk to us! We’re happy to help get your group stared. Let us know what group communication method works best for you during this time of social isolation: info for your regular organization newsletters, conference call, Zoom meeting or presentation.

Even if people aren't gathering, events are still happening!
Check out the No Fracked Gas in Mass Event Page regularly to see what's up.

Discussion of MassSave's new programs at Green Drinks
Watch No Fracked Gas in Mass' Events Page or Facebook Page for details on an upcoming Green Drinks talk on MassSave's latest developments. Learn how you can save money and lessen your climate footprint by saving energy!

For news on various pipelines, FERC and the industry, climate and more, check out the Latest News Tab on our site.
No Fracked Gas in Mass
Needs Your Help More than Ever
Whether it’s $5, $500 or $5,000,
your support keeps us going - standing up to fossil fuel projects, giving input to proposed changes in energy policy
and promoting energy efficiency.

And don't forget, you can keep sending your support all year by setting up a monthly donation as well.