Presbyterians Pro-Life
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October, 2013

October is abortion awareness month

Often we think of abortion as a political issue or a matter of opinion rather than a matter of moral concern that compells the church to speak and act. Maybe these facts will serve to impress on us the reality of abortion's devastation.

  • Total abortions of children, created in the image of God, aborted in the U.S. since 1973: 54,559,615
  • Percent of unborn babies diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome who are aborted: 80-90%
  • Number of girls "missing" annually worldwide because of sex-selection abortion: 160 million
  • Percent of increased risk of mental health problems for women following abortion: 81%
One by One Mentors Giving Hope and Help to Families 
by Laurie Connell

Many of our young people today are facing an unplanned pregnancy and the possibility of single motherhood. Have you ever wondered how you can be a source of encouragement? During these times of uncertainty and challenge, these women need to be encouraged and empowered to know that they can raise children and be shining examples of Christ's love.


One by One Ministries, a leading Christian family and early childhood ministry since 2003, strives through the impact of God's love and grace, to influence an entire generation by improving the quality of life for babies and their parents.