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These words from Terry Schlossberg & Elizabeth Achtemeier (1994) ring true for the Church today. Excerpt from the introduction of Not My Own: Abortion and the Marks of the Church, p. 7-8

The Centrality of the Subject
The heat generated by the abortion issue in our culture has led many pastors and lay people to consider it an inappropriate subject for the church. They believe that discussing abortion is like deliberately setting a torch to the church because, in their minds, it divides believers and diverts their attention from the primary role of the church to preach the gospel, pastor the sheep and teach the faith. "Let us put this abortion debate behind us," urged the wife of one pastor, "and get back to what the church is supposed to be doing."
That is sheer blindness to what is happening, because abortion expresses our society's increasing cheapening of and careless disregard for human life.

by Marie Bowen   

Nothing! I searched half a dozen Presbyterian and Reformed denomination websites and found no articles or statements responding to videos implicating Planned Parenthood (PP) in the illegal sale of baby body parts. PP has long been involved in abortion—the evil, horrific, but legal ripping apart of tiny human beings.

There have been some social media responses to the videos exposing PP's callous disregard for unborn humans by individual Presbyterians, and I know a few pastors who have made references to PP in recent sermons. There are some Presbyterians speaking on behalf of the unborn, but those who hold denominational leadership positions that grant an amplified voice (and who often speak against injustice and evil threats to human life) have chosen to be silent about the atrocities perpetuated against the tiniest human beings by PP.
Please join Presbyterians Pro-Life and a coalition of religious and pro-life groups that from August 22-29, 2015 will lead a Week of Prayer and Fasting to End the Evils of Abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Read an inspiring Call to Prayer written for Presbyterians Pro-Life by the Rev. Lowell Avery for this trimester's Life Support Prayer Calendar. Rev. Avery is a member of the Board of Directors of PPL and the pastor of Cleveland Drive Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).
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Romans 13:8-14
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