Dear Sisters and Brothers

How much do you know about your neighbor?  On the same page, how much do you know about your acceptance of your neighbor, especially their culture and concerns?  We celebrate the connectedness of our congregations and how family like they are. Is that reality?  

It is difficult to answer these questions without some data or, at least, access to a resource that could provide insight. If we are going to engage in conversations around race, other isms, and changing hearts, where is the baseline of understanding? 

The ELCA is making available a survey that could provide some of the information needed to get at our acceptance of different cultures both individually and as a synod. Please join us in this initiative. The results will be shared, and a learning plan developed, at the Leadership Academy in February. There is no cost to take the survey as the project is part of our synod leadership development initiative and underwritten by monies set aside for that purpose. Contact Cindy Wells, or me, if you have questions or concerns. 

A link to the survey was sent to you from Rev. Sunitha Mortha of the Churchwide office in late November or early December, please partner with us in our attempt to address cultural differences, or possibly, indifference.  Pr Sunitha tells me an 80% to 90% response is preferred to give us a good sampling of the synod's leadership, to date there has been 10%. If you did not receive it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you have already taken the survey, please disregard this email and plan to be part of the event on February 10, you can register below. 


Rev Rodger Prois
Western Iowa Synod, ELCA
2018 Leadership Academy
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